Anuri worked hard and efficiently throughout the next three weeks. She really impressed her boss and many clients of the company were endeared to her.

Anuri stepped into the accounts department, heading for the manager's office. He was a man in his early fifties. She met him talking with someone. 'Excuse me briefly,' he told his guest. 'Hello, Anuri.’

She smiled. 'Good morning, sir. I have come for those documents.’

He snapped his fingers. 'Oh, yes, they are here.' He pulled out his drawer and offered a file containing papers to her. 'The other report, I'll send to him myself.'

 'Alright.' She received it and left the office.

 She went downstairs, humming a song to herself. Suddenly, her right foot slipped off the step. 'Aw… ' It all happened in a split of a second. Anuri fell, hitting her ankle, waist and elbow on the staircase. Pain registered in her brain and travelled backwards, spreading her nerves with great intensity. 'Aw&
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