Chapter Nine

When dinner was ready, Yang Lifei was not up yet. Jin Chen was worried that she would get sick if she slept too much so he decided to wake her up. Jin Chen was surprised when he found sitting on the bed and looking at the window in a daze that she didn't even notice when he came inside the room.

"Feifei," Jin Chen gently called out her name but it seemed like she didn't hear him at all. While Jin Chen was worried that something was wrong with, Yang Lifei only felt that she could hear someone call her name but the voice seemed like it was muffled and she couldn't hear it very clearly. Her thoughts went back to almost her last moments when Xue Li has told that her brother was set up. She blamed herself for everything that happened to everyone in her previous life. If only she didn't trust those two people whom she considered her friends yet the people around her didn't, she felt like the most stupid person in the world.

If she didn't trust them, could h
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