Second Chance: My Vengeful Wife

Second Chance: My Vengeful Wife

By:  Pseudovee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Having her brother sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime he didn't commit, her parents killed, her husband dieing because of her and getting herself killed by her two closest friends, she wishes to have a second life to pay them for their deeds. What happens when Yang Lifei is given a second chance to life before it all started? Will Jin Chen still love her like he did before? What happens when both lovers join hands together to take down their enemies?

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Joy Hanson
very interesting. please update
2022-09-01 18:26:56
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Dan Alvin
update please
2022-06-04 16:34:38
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Althea Melodi
I would be reading this once it’s complete.. it’s hard to keep on waiting for update
2023-05-06 22:07:16
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Althea Melodi
I love the book :) this what a leading man should be
2023-02-22 09:29:27
50 Chapters
Chapter One
Abandoned Warehouse in the Suburbs"When your dear husbandd comes to your rescue, you'll both perish together," Li Xuan said to a tied Yang Lifei. She really looked miserable with her wounded body. There were several cuts of different sizes and shapes on her face and her hair was all shaved.Looking at the two people infront of her that she had treated as her friends even to the extent of arguing with her husband, she was felt with regret and guilt. Her only prayer was that her husband, Jin Chen would not come looking for her."Aren't you two afraid of retribution?" She asked as she tried to smile which proved difficult because of the pain from the cuts on her face."Retribution? You and that man are going to die here, who's going to know what happened here when the witnesses are all dead? Don't they say: dead men tell no tales?" Xue Li said in an arrogant tone with a smirk on her face.How Yang Lifei wanted to wipe of
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Chapter Two
Opening her eyes, Yang Lifei felt her whole body was set on fire.Was she still burning and alive? That was the first question she asked herself when she opened her eyes but she couldn't see any fire. She looked around and found herself inside a washroom cubicle. Why does this all look familiar? Clearly she had died but now she was sitting on the toilet lid with a burning body, had she gone back in time? She was thrilled and scared at the same time.She looked around if she had her bag and found that she didn't, she was hoping that she could call someone to get her to the hospital. That's when she remembered that this had happened before. Did she just go back to 5 years ago on the night of her engagement to Jin Chen? If that's so, then she could right the wrongs that she did to him! It was such a nice thing to be given a second chance.But she had no time to think about this because in her previous life, some 'good samaritan'
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Chapter Three
Looking at her clothes and face, he wouldn't have know it was her if not for her voice. He clearly had OCD but looking at his beloved woman in cleaners clothes, how could he push her away. He had always dreamt of the day she would run into his arms but didn't expect it would be this way."What happened?" He asked in a stiff voice but there was a little warmth in it."I feel really hot...can you take me away?" She answered as she raised her drowsy eyes and looked at him making him feel like his soul was going to be sucked away. Her eyes were so clear and innocent that made him feel like a dinner corrupting an innocent soul. But what can he do? He was clearly a man in love.Without waiting for another word from her, he carried her away  and this time strode towards the elevator.On his way from the hotel he called his personal doctor to meet him at his place.He also called his parents and Yang Lifei's parents to let them
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Chapter Four
" are you feeling?" He asked in the most softest voice he could mutter.He felt an dull ache in his heart seeing her in this situation, tomorrow, some people were going to regret it after what they did to his woman!"Not me please?" Yang Lifei pleaded. She had heard the conversation between the friends in her drowsy state and knew that she was in danger. This was the same day that she lost her innocence in their previous life but at least in this life, she found Jin Chen first.Hearing her soft voice, Jin Chen knew that he had to do something so he carried her from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. He put her under the shower hoping the cold water could bring her back to her senses so she could know what she was talking about. He removed the blonde wig and washed off the ugly make up from her face first."Are you sure Feifei?" He asked her, he didn't want her to regret and blame him the next day. He had no
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Chapter Five
"Okay then," saying that he removed the covers and carried her towards the bathroom. Jin Chen was really surprised at Yang Lifei's attitude. She was never accepting or rejecting their engagement, but how come she was acting so different?Did the drug interfere with her brain cells? He had no idea but at least whatever happened made him feel happy. If things were to change in the future, he would just tie her up with him and never let her leave!He hoped she wouldn't want to leave though.Jin Chen made her sit in the counter beside the sink before squeezing toothpaste on the toothbrush and helped her brush her teeth. Yang Lifei enjoyed all of these silently without thinking too much about anything. She knew that her attitude was different and the man had questions but she put that in the back of her mind.She had missed all the pampering in her last life because of her hotheadedness, she'll enjoy them in this life!After help
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Chapter Six
"What's wrong?" Jin Chen asked the crying woman in his arms, his voice flustered while rubbing her back."Nothing, I'm just happy. These are tears of happiness," she replied while trying to make complete sentences with her shaky voice."Oh," he didn't dwell much on it knowing that they weren't familiar with each other yet. Maybe one day she'll tell him on her own accord.Since their engagement was on a Saturday, they had the Sunday free without worrying about work. Jin Chen had his family's company as the CEO while Yang Lifei was the Vice President of her father's company while her brother was the CEO. Back then she had been tricked by her two best friends that the work was tiresome and didn't let her spend time with them making doubts grow inside her heart. When her brother was sentenced to jail, the workload and all the negative views from people shattered her completely leaving the company to her parents. Now that she thought about it, she h
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Chapter Seven
Throwing Xue Li to the back of her mind, Yang Lifei landed her gaze on the man who was leaning on the door while looking at her. She knew that her request was absurd but she had decided to be shameless, she wanted to take advantage of every situation there was every time."Shall we?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, amusement evident in her voice.Jin Chen only sighed and made his way towards the bed scooping her towards the bathroom. What could he do? This is what he had always dreamt of, pampering his beloved and spoiling her rotten. He didn't have any good time giving Yang Lifei a bath with such an exquisite woman naked in front of him. Seeing him in such a difficult situation while trying his best to control himself, Yang Lifei decided to relieve him but with a different way, her hands.Seeing her being so considerate, Jin Chen was amused. She clearly knew what she was putting him through and she was now being considerate. Yang
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Chapter Eight
"What do you want for dinner then or do you want to eat out?" Jin Chen asked Yang Lifei who had her head on his lap using it as her pillow."Surprise me, I'm sure you wouldn't disappoint me," Yang Lifei replied to him making his hand that was running through her hair to pause for a second before it resumed."Alright then," right then they were interrupted by the ringing of a phone. It was Yang Lifei's phone that was ringing. Jin Chen passed the phone to her from the coffee table since she didn't want to get up from such a comfortable position. Seeing that it was her brother who was calling, he directly picked up the phone and put it on hands free mode.[Little Fei, come out and have dinner with me. My treat] Yang Feng's voice was heard from the other end of the line."Brother," Yang Lifei almost broke into tears when she heard her brother's voice on the other end of the phone. How long was it after she last heard or saw her carefree brothe
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Chapter Nine
When dinner was ready, Yang Lifei was not up yet. Jin Chen was worried that she would get sick if she slept too much so he decided to wake her up. Jin Chen was surprised when he found sitting on the bed and looking at the window in a daze that she didn't even notice when he came inside the room."Feifei," Jin Chen gently called out her name but it seemed like she didn't hear him at all. While Jin Chen was worried that something was wrong with, Yang Lifei only felt that she could hear someone call her name but the voice seemed like it was muffled and she couldn't hear it very clearly. Her thoughts went back to almost her last moments when Xue Li has told that her brother was set up. She blamed herself for everything that happened to everyone in her previous life. If only she didn't trust those two people whom she considered her friends yet the people around her didn't, she felt like the most stupid person in the world.If she didn't trust them, could h
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Chapter Ten
"What are you doing tomorrow? Going back to work?" Jin Chen asked Yang Lifei when he was getting to bed after taking a shower."Not yet, maybe the day after tomorrow. I'm sure my brother can do without me for a day," Yang Lifei said while snuggling closer to him. Although he had just take a shower, his body was so warm that she felt like he was he personal warmer."Hmm, so what will you be doing then? Staying at home?" He asked again. Knowing that she had had a difference with her only friends, the only option she had if not going to work was staying at home. But that will be too boring and he didn't want that, if he could draw her to his company he could have long time ago but he wasn't sure if that was something that she wanted."Nothing really, I was thinking of taking a break tomorrow and stay at home before going back to work. I know those despicable people would come looking for me if I go to work tomorrow and I need to
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