Second Chance: My Vengeful Wife
Second Chance: My Vengeful Wife
Author: Pseudovee

Chapter One

Abandoned Warehouse in the Suburbs

"When your dear husbandd comes to your rescue, you'll both perish together," Li Xuan said to a tied Yang Lifei. She really looked miserable with her wounded body. There were several cuts of different sizes and shapes on her face and her hair was all shaved.

Looking at the two people infront of her that she had treated as her friends even to the extent of arguing with her husband, she was felt with regret and guilt. Her only prayer was that her husband, Jin Chen would not come looking for her.

"Aren't you two afraid of retribution?" She asked as she tried to smile which proved difficult because of the pain from the cuts on her face.

"Retribution? You and that man are going to die here, who's going to know what happened here when the witnesses are all dead? Don't they say: dead men tell no tales?" Xue Li said in an arrogant tone with a smirk on her face.

How Yang Lifei wanted to wipe off that dirty smirk off her face!

They had been friends since young and had done whatever she could to help them whenever their families faced any problem in their businesses, but what did she get in return?

They backstabbed her!

How stupid was she not to realize these greedy and selfish people?

"Haven't you always liked Jin Chen, why do you want him dead now?" Jin Chen had always told her to look out since her friend liked him but they would end up fighting every time he brought it up.

Now if she looked at it, Xue Li had always told her things that would make her argue with Jin Chen almost every time.

"Liked him? I f**king loved him for years but the only thing he could see is your b*tchy face! If I can't have him, then I'd rather he's dead and you all together. You could be the loving couple in hell!" Xue Li spat out angrily.

She had had a crush on Jin Chen from the moment she saw him on their engagement but he never looked at her even for once. 

That was like a slap to her face! How could she tolerate it?

"My father will not let you go if he realizes what you've done to me!" Knowing her father, he will hunt them down.

"Hahaha, my dear Feifei, aren't you too adorable," Li Xuan teased.

"Now that w we're at it, you no longer have any family remaining, your father is already dead together with that mother of yours! And your brother? He was framed by us and he's going to rot in jail for a crime he never committed! Aren't we great? Getting rid of all of you once and for all. And remember that document you signed a few days ago, that was the transfer of shares of your company. It's now ours!" Xue Li couldn't help but laugh.

Her maniac laugh was enough to send shivers down her spine. 

The person she was seeing infront of her wasn't the gentle Xue Li that she knew, although she would loose her temper with her sometimes, she had never been scared like she was right now.

Li Xuan just stood by the side as he watched Xue Li reveal everything to Yang Lifei, after all everything they did, they did it together. He was after all interested in the benefits they would get after the death of Yang Lifei and Jin Chen.

"You monster! I'll f**king kill you! Give me back my parents. How could you even bare to kill them, they treated you like their own daughter. How could you?" Her voice was horse and weak as she had lost a lot of blood from all the cuts on her body.

Her parents loved her so much that whatever she wanted would be given to her. And her brother, he spoilt her so much more that her parents.

When he was arrested because of murder, her parents were so stressed. 

They did everything they could to help him but all evidences pointed out to him, he couldn't escape. Even Jin Chen wasn't able to help him.

Thinking of him, she was really sorry to him. If only she could have listened to him and avoided these two, she couldn't have found herself in this predicament.

But it was too late, she allowed this two wolves in sheep clothing and she now lost everything.

She was on the verge of loosing consciousness when she saw a tall man approach her in quick steps. She was so lost in thoughts that she didn't even realize when Li Xuan and Xue Li had left.

She could see him approach her in rushed steps and she felt her tears sting her when they came into contact with her wounds.

"Feifei," his voice was low and shaky as he hugged her body while still tied on the chair like he was afraid of something.

Afraid that he would loose her.

Looking at her shaven hair and the cuts, he could feel like someone had stabbed his heart with a sharp knife and was twitching it inside his heart.

He was late, again. And he had failed to protect her.

"Jin Chen you can't be here, you...have to ...leave,," she begged as her voice started to fade. She didn't want to drag him into her stupidity. At least he could leave her here to die and live his life peacefully without arguing with her everyday.

"Don't speak, okay? I'm going to get you out of this place. You have to be okay for me love, please," he begged as he untied the ropes. This was the first time she heard him beg and saw his tears and maybe the last time too. He cried for her, yet she never listened to him.

"I'm not...worthy of I had you, we couldn't..have b..een here. I'm sss...sorry but I'll always love you...," If there's an afterlife, I'll treasure your love, she didn't get to finish this sentence as she was plunged in darkness. 

"Feifei...feifei, you can't leave me like this...Feifei...," He continued to call her name even when smoke filled the house he didn't notice.

She felt light, like her body was floating. She saw herself held in Jin Chen's hands as he sat down on the floor and hugged her lifeless body.

She was stunned. Had she died just like that?

She was still looking at Jin Chen hugging her lifeless body when he started coughing and was stunned when she saw the warehouse on fire and Jin Chen was not doing anything apart from hugging her body.

She panicked and called out to him but he couldn't hear her, why? She had no body!

She tried touching him but her hands just went through his body. She watched as he fainted but he hugged her in a way that she wouldn't be burned. He protected her, even when she was dead.

She could feel herself sinking into darkness with one thought: she killed him.

'Li Xuan, Xue Li, I hope we don't meet in our next for I will destroy you!' and darkness filled her world. 

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