Haunted House

Shama was sitting on the bench swinging her legs back and fro as she watched Ansh standing in a distance. He was busy buying tickets for the haunted house.

Shama was bored as there was nothing for her to do. She played with her hair making a small moustache on her mouth with her hair.

Just then Ansh held her hands and ran towards the haunted house. Everything was in slow motion for Shama. His beautiful and childish smile was melting Shama’s heart. She followed him without thinking anything. His hair was a mess as he ran. His eyes sparkled with excitement. Shama couldn’t help but continuously stare at him.

Ansh stopped at the entrance. A giant devil’s mouth was in front of them. His mouth was very big with pointed teeth pointing towards them. Shama gulped at the site.

“Ha-ha…It’s fake.”

Ansh said laughing at Shama.

Shama stared at him angrily.

“Well, we have to go in a group. So we have to wait till some other people come.”

Vedha Singh

Have you ever visited haunted house? If yes then which type of person you are? Like Shama? Ansh? Or Chandrika? I am none...Cuz I never went to an amusement park...So I never did anything...My sad life...LOL

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