chapter 10 the quarterback

"Arianneeee get up!!! You're going to be late!!!" her mom screaming made Arianne get up in a haste.

She reached for her phone in the nightstand and was shocked at the time. Its already 6:30.Normally she gets up around 6.

She quickly run in the shower and took a quick bath. After drying herself she brushed teeth and put on her undergarments. She put baby powder and lip balm cause she don't have much time for makeup today just like everyday. Then quickly blow dried her hair and brush it and just let it fall. Then she open her closet and pick a denim short skirt and a white tank top. She put a jacket inside her bag just in case it gets colder. Then took her white vans.

She run downstairs and just grab a cereal bar. She just wave and gave her parents flying kiss and run to her car.

As she enter the school gate, both Alexis and Kristinn waving at her. She then parked her car and went to them.

"you're late!" Kristinn exclaim.

" I forgot to set my alarm. And I think I'm still early for my first class!"

"yeah that's for sure. Anyways, how are you girl?" Alexis asked as she reach for her arm.

"I'm doing great I think." Arianne replied more of trying to convince herself more.

"Good! cause I can tell yesterday you want to murder someone." Alexis said teasing.

"kind of!" she said then wink at her. "but I feel much better really now don't worry!"

They continue to talk but then the bell rings and that sends them the signal to run to their first class. Couldn't be any better they're in that class together. Yeah!

Lunch time came so Arianne went to the cafeteria to meet her friends. When she reach their table Alexis is on the phone and Kristinn is in the counter ordering something. She went to order her food and Kristinn waited for her and then they walk together to their table.

"who was that?" Arianne ask Alexis still texting on her phone as they seated.

"It's Kyle! He's asking us if we would want to see them play in their school next Friday and then there's a party afterwards in his place." She said happily.

"are they still gonna play with our school?" Arianne question back curiously.

"He said it's with another school, so are we coming or what?"

"I don't see anything wrong with us coming. They've been our friends for quite some time already. And I want to see Mason for sure." Kristinn said grinning.

"Ohh sweetie you and Mason! Meant to be! How about you Yanna?" Alexis looks at her with puppy eyes.

"wait I can't give you an answer now. I have to ask my parents first. You know their school is in next town did you forget?"

"Ohh okay then. But so you know I'll be coming and so is K. I'm still hoping for you to make it." Alexis said.

Arianne nodded. They finished their meal and headed separate ways. They have different classes ahead.

When the bell rings in her last class Arianne headed to her locker and put her books inside. Then she heard her phone beeps.

"hi baby I'm outside. Where are you?" Jace said in his text.

"okay I'm coming!" she replied.

She was about to go and meet Jace when she bump into someone.

"I'm sorry! Oh hi there Owen!" It's their own school quarterback. He's in her batch but they don't have classes together. But she heard that unlike other boys Owen is a ladies man.

"hello Arianne! Fancy seeing you!" he smiled and winked "why in a rush?" he added.

"Ohh my friend is waiting for me outside." She answered.

"Ohh really? I was about to head to my car, mind if I walk along?" he said shyly scratching the back of his neck.

Arianne got a little confuse by his demeanor but he looks cute so she just ignore it.

"sure, c'mon!"

As they walk together towards Jace' car, Arianne saw him looking irritated and wonder why?

"hi Jace!" she said.

"hello?!!!" he answered then pull her to his side and she saw him nodding to Owen.

"Keller!" Owen said to him.

"Livingston!" Jace replied.

"Ohh so you're the friend of Arianne!!?!" Owen giving emphasize to the word friend.

"I bet I am!" Jace replied with a growl.

"It's getting late Owen, ahh Jace I think we better go now?" she cut their convo as she felt the tension between the two quarterback.

"sure then!" Jace replied and give Owen another nod.

"bye Arianne! See you around!" Owen said then winked at her.

She didn't answered and just wave at him then Jace grab her arm and lead her into his car. He open the door for her and even help her put on her seatbelt before he went to the driver seat. She smiled at him and mouthed "thank you". He didn't answer and just gave her his steel-melting smile.

"so where to?" she asked him.

"is it okay if we just go to my place. Don't worry I have foods." He said and smile like an idiot.

"that would be great! Lets go!" Arianne said excitedly. "Jace after I tutor you, can you give me a ride back here?"

"but why? you forgot something?"

"not really forgotten but my car is still here at school!"

"sure, no worries!"

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