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He understood me like no other.He knew me inside out. I could never hide anything from him.Well.....apart from the strange sudden flutter my heart made one day. Something which should not belong to him.Yet it did.....

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I pushed my now bruised legs to move faster, my feet felt numb yet kept on moving even when my mind was anything but.My heart thud hard against my chest, breath coming out short and in puffs with my burning chest, trying to pump in as much air as possible.I could hear their distant calls trail off with the wind, the same which threaded into my slightly wet long curly hair, that landed at my mid back. I couldn't think straight, my head fuzzy while I tried to block out what I'd been running away from.How could they do this to me?I've done nothing wrong, yet tonight made it seem otherwise .I should have listened to my dad when he told me to stay, but stupid naive me believed him when he said it would be fun.Fun my foot, when I was at the receiving end of their joke. I
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Chapter 1.
Returning back to Everton Silver high Academy was not part of the plan. We'd talked, my father and I, agreeing that I needed to be back home, yet somehow I found myself travelling back, this time, after such a long time.My father taking me.The travel alone was silent and neither one of us had much to say to each other, being lost in thought.It had been a couple of months after she passed, my stepmom that is and until now, it still pained me. She had surely filled the void of not having my mom around and she created new memories for us. A year they'd been married and suddenly we lost her due to a car accident, devastatingly so, it left both my dad and I shattered.She's left us to find the pieces and piece them back together again. My father has found more reason to be busy and distance himself from me. I can almost forgive him for that, because admittedly I can say that I'll never understand, the immens
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Chapter 2
I already feel out of place. I shouldn't even be here but somehow I let Avery drag me to the bonfire. Thank God it wasn't at the creek or anywhere close, though it was near the forest, so I can't really complain.Being in the company of Avery, I've already gotten the sense that she's intent on making the most of her senior year. At first, in the years passed, you'd never really see her involve herself with parties and things like that, but last year, I saw a bit of change in her.Now that I'm her roommate, I am afraid she'll try drag me along with her everywhere, when it was my intention to not do so.  The bonfire was set in a clearing , surrounded by trees. To me, it simply gave off that House of Wax vibes, but that's my opinion. While most people huddled around the fire, there was still different groups scattered around, creating a more wider circle.Cars were parked on top of a small hill while th
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Chapter 3
I must be dreaming, seriously.He can't be back, he can't.'But he is.' My consciousness tells me.I close my eyes as I lean my back against the tree, trying to wrap my head around what just happened back there. I knew that I shouldn't have come, I had a troubling feeling all along and even though, I didn't think something like tonight would happen, I knew something would.Roman Joel O'Connor.He's back.Things would have been much easier if it weren't for what happened years ago, when the first and only boy I've ever really trusted, broke my heart. He left with no trace, but kept memories behind.He should have left a long time ago, when there was the first hit. They made it public and it surely wasn't pretty.I believed he wouldn't leave me and that I had nothing to worry about, guess I was wrong, he found a reason to leave , to
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Chapter 4
We've been sitting in silence, Sam and I. After he chased after me, he led me back to the hostel, but we remained outside, within the premises.Sam Desai, the only person who was there for me after that night, who never did any wrong and recently, I've discovered, is my cousin. Sam and I had grown up around each other , neither one of us knowing much about our relation, he was always there. He was present during my birthdays or family gatherings and at first, I took it as him being my mom's Godson, never thinking much to it. Now that I've learnt that he's my cousin, gives me a sense of relief.Atleast I have someone close with me here." Tonight must have been hard on you." I turn my head in his direction, my  gaze forcing him to look at me." Seeing everyone and being reminded of what happened."" I thought I would forget and put it behind me." I say, looking ahead." How could you, you al
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Chapter 5
"It doesn't matter to me." I speak up, turning around to face him after Ingrid basically ditches me." Ah and she speaks." His lips twitch into a grin. "It's good to have you back, thought I'd lost you there for a second."He says, taking a step towards me."Don't you dare come any closer, stay away." I warn with my hand up, stepping back and making him stop.He sighs. "How long will you keep running?"Until you leave me the heck alone."You just couldn't stay away could you?" I say."And how could I?" He steps closer." After that night...." He trails off.My eyes search his own for any kind of knowledge, and with the emotion flickering in them, I know it's true.He was there.How was he there?" Were you there that night?" I softly ask, feeling desperate to know." Sw
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Chapter 6
Two days have passed with neither Roman and I running into each other, more like I've been trying to avoid him, staying out of his way.Hard work indeed.After finding out about his girlfriend, I was given more reason to stay away, for us to not run into each other.It didn't feel right for me, to be following after Roman even if it's to check on him. I have no right to interfere in his life, to even bother him, though he's done just that.What would his girlfriend think if some strange girl followed after her boyfriend?......No. Avoiding him is the best option.And speaking of relationships, my own is still on the unclear, Danny and I haven't spoken much after his encounter with Roman, so talking to him was out of the question for now.So I spent most of my time in the school library, having the peace I so craved for, the first time I arrived here. Deep down I knew that I
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Chapter 7
I shouldn't be feeling like this, experiencing the feeling of regret because I've received what I wanted. I should sigh out in relief that he's not bothering me right?Today, he literally left me alone and didn't even glance my way the whole time, our paths would cross. He's kept his way and I should do the same, not over think things and not allow my mind, to be in deep thought about him.His friend's words had hurt to be honest, for someone to paint a picture of me as vindictive and someone who loves attention, not to mention selfish and all types of wrong.  He made everyone sound like they are the victims and I'm the bad one here. His words should not matter to me yet they invade my thoughts every now and then.But he was right about Danny, I've been keeping him at arms length, even after so much time has passed. He's been trying to reach out to me, from some time now and honestly, what he did was really a mistake,
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Chapter 8
" I can't believe you brought me here." I say, looking around the bowling alley, whilst Sam and I wear our bowling shoes." Yeah and I can't believe you invited your boyfriend here." He says." He won't join us till later, besides, it's my way of proving that I really meant what I said. To go back to how things were between us.""You don't need to prove anything to anyone." He argues."Well this is also for me, a step to moving past something and trying to get back what I've placed on pause." I say, rising to my feet."Maybe you could also apply that on someone else."I break eye contact, not feeling up to talking about Roman. All I want to do is have a nice night, a relaxed evening and to laugh, to laugh with no reason."Let's play, shall we?" I say, walking on to start playing."Hey, hey." His hand on my elbow stops me. " I'm sorry, I sh
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Chapter 9
Two weeks had passed since that night. Roman hadn't tried talking to me or doing something stupid as scare me half to death, like when he snuck up on me.  I would have been more relieved if it weren't for the burning urge to know where his head is at.I knew that he'd keep true to his word, that there would be a next time, I just didn't know when.I hated that form of surprise.Stolen glances my way had  lessened, that being to the fact that he was preoccupied with his girlfriend, who I was yet to know her name. She was always around him, confirming what I'd already learnt.They actually looked good together, she was pretty with auburn long hair, brown eyes, light skin with freckles on her nose. She is the definition of gorgeous. The best part about her being that she never went over the top with whatever she had on, she could simply pull off jeans and a simple shirt.Roman and h
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