Dangerous Attraction

Dangerous Attraction

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Bahasa: English
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What will happen when our hero, the upcoming king and heroine, an on duty agent meet? Well they will fall in love for sure but there's a lot more to come, the past uncovered, murder mysteries unsolved, on the run, the real villain revealed, hopes faded, dreams shattered, hearts broken, lives changed... Will these opposite worlds stay together forever or move apart due to the differences between them? Or will they destroy themselves in this...?

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Meera, our heroine, known to be a strong and heartless girl never thinks twice before killing anyone. They say she's coldhearted, but little does anyone know; the heart in her chest was broken so many times that it stopped beating.Her mom was the one who loved and adored her the most; Meers's only lifeline since childhood. On her wish, Meera joined XX agency, which works to eliminate criminals around the world. In the present time, she's their best and most dangerous agent. However, everything has a price and she also had to pay to get where she is today, she lost her loved ones in that process, including her mom.Later on, she worked under the agency to kill her mother's murderers. Just as the rumors say, she plays with death every day and can go to any extent to complete her mission. Her past is her biggest enemy and also her biggest weakness because there w
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Chapter 1: Kidnap
An abandoned warehouse, broken windows, and weak wooden doors around. All that could be heard was the panting of those three boys who were tied to chains and beaten heartlessly by two big bulky men. Bruises all over their bodies and their weapons are thrown away at some distance. Near them was a thin guy, tied with ropes. He looked scared and was trembling with fear.“Calm down, they can’t do anything to us.” One of the three guys said as he groaned. He spits out blood after being beaten so much but still, there was no sign of fear. He had blonde hair which was now filled with sand yet his brown eyes still reflected fire that was burning in front of them just like in his heart. His dark skin was bruised all over and covered in dirt from the warehouse. His name was George and he worked for XX agency, he was the oldest among the three of them&l
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Chapter 2: Boss
“What are you waiting to kill her!” Mr. Thom shouted as he was angry about how a girl could destroy his mission. He wanted revenge for his brother but little did he know he was himself going to die in all of this.At this point, there were not only just two of those bulky men but also four-five more like them. But Meera feared none. She fought with them and they were taken down in no time. She was a lot faster than them. Gunshots, knife stabs she used it all to turn the tables on her side and succeeded in no time."B..bro, how can she fight wearing heels and that too so well…?." The young guy, the head's son asked and his voice was a bit shaky due to fear."She can do anything," Lewis said and felt proud that she was their boss.Mr. Thom was just getti
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Chapter 3: Revenge
She opened the file and was taken aback when she saw his real name and face as it was the person she believed and trusted the most. It was Joseph, her boyfriend, the person she loved the most. However, then she remembered that the person in the photograph is the one who burnt her parents alive."I'll make sure that he suffers the pain that my parents suffered 5 years ago." She said and walked out of the office.She lost her parents at the age of 17. They were burnt alive by their enemies. She killed all of them except for their mastermind. She did a lot of effort to find him but always came to a dead end. Now that she finally got to know who he was, unexpectedly, he turned out to be the love of her life.She made a plan to capture him and it did work. She called him over to an abandoned building saying she’s r
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Chapter 4: Opposite
Meera was not at all affected by the fact that she was going to work for the Prince of Asia. It wasn't something she was panicked or worried about, as a normal person would have been. If it was a normal person he would have been overjoyed but for her, it was just a normal mission, a job that she was bound to do. Instead, she was a little annoyed by the fact that people were making a big fuss out of it, including the trio. They all kept asking her details about what was about to happen. All these things just made her hate the prince already. She expected him to be a proud and cocky guy who couldn’t start a line without mentioning that he was going to be the king.Prince Noah was the most perfect and living example to represent the word 'luck' according to people around the world. People said that he was the luckiest person because he was born in the
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Chapter 5: First encouter
The next day, he was personally there to pick her for college. It was not normal at all, like the Prince of Asia picking his bodyguard from her home! But Meera still kept her calm, she didn’t complain or ask anything. She was quiet in the car on their way to the college."Hi, I'm Noah, the upcoming king." Noah introduced himself with a bright smile. He expected her to be like all those girls who try to please him all the time but Meera was the complete opposite."So?" She said coldly as if she didn’t care who he was and she actually didn’t! He was pissed off at her reaction but still didn’t say anything.."I am here to protect you not to befriend you like all those sluts" She said as she looked outside the car. She stepped out of the car as they had reached the college, there were girls gathe
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Chapter 6
She told Isaac to take Noah back to the palace safely. Noah didn’t like that idea and tried to protest."But you are my bodyguard, you should be with me all the time." He said and was trying to find a way to stay with her. He wanted to take care of her for some reason but Meera was in no mood to hear his whining."Your protection is my priority and to fight against your enemy first I have to find who he is. Issac is also your bodyguard so just go with him!" She said in a serious tone that sent chills down his spine."Ok then." Noah went to the palace with Isaac.She went to headquarters where that attacker was kept. She was greeted by everyone in the headquarters as she was on a higher rank than all of them. She entered the investigation room and stood in front of
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Chapter 7
"Mr. K..." Meera said as she looked at the king, patiently waiting to see his reaction. And just as she had expected the king was shocked to hear that name, he had an expression of fear and anger on his face. The king was really shocked to the core after hearing that name."So finally he's back." The king sighed and seemed to have given up already. She was silent. She knew that Mr. K was strong but didn’t expect the king to act too weakly and give up so easily."We can't let the Prince live here anymore.” The kind snapped suddenly. He was reminded of what had happened in the past, the fire in the warehouse, and everything and he didn’t want any of that to get to the Prince. “You just take him abroad and don't come back until I send you any message." He said in a fearful tone as his voic
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Chapter 8
“Mr. K is actually Mr. Jin…” She said and smiled on seeing them all shocked to the core."What !! how's it possible?! How can Mr. Jin be Mr. K?" George asked in shock, his voice was all high-pitched again cause he was so shocked.“Why would he kill his own people?!” Lewis asked and sounded frustrated because of the continuous surprises she was giving them."Listen to me first.” She sat up straight and tried to calm them down. “It is possible that he is Mr. K... I....I think so.” She said and the trio rolled their eyes. “See he became the head after my parents died because the previous head was killed in a car accident, just around that time. Also, nobody knew him before that, he..he just appeared out of nowhere. All of a sudden, he claimed to be his son and took
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Chapter 9
They kept talking for a long time, about just random things while Meera was working on the laptop, making various arrangements and decisions for their stay in Australia. Her work was done after a few hours. She kept the laptop aside and finally looked up. All of them were sleeping except Noah. She smiled and said, "They all got tired just like always…” She sighed and rested back. “I'm sorry to make you guys worried." She looked at Noah, there was a soft expression on her face, this was the real her, without any filters."Ahh it's nothing and I'm also sorry for being arrogant ." He apologized as he scratched his head and she smiled in response."It was also not my fault. This was what I was taught since childhood…” Noah sighed as he looked blankly at the floor. “My dad alwa
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