Speak To Me

Speak To Me

By:  K.T. Natua  Completed
Language: English
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Chasity Dawson is the shy daughter of a housemaid and Joe Bandit is the school's "Golden boy" and the son of the family her mother works for. One-night Joe texts her, and asks her for a favor that involves a mysterious unmasked culprit, leaving photos of Joe and his family at their doorstep every week for years. This mystery leads to a growing attraction between Joe and Chasity. Along with deadly secrets that were best left alone. Secrets… that could get someone killed.

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76 Chapters
Chapter 1
CHASITY DAWSON POV. “He is taking out the garbage!” whispered Payton. I quickly ran to her window, peeking outside from behind the curtains; at the man across the street. Payton laughed and moved away from the window, and let me stand at the spot she was just in. Joe Bandit is Payton’s neighbor and the type of man that every girl in the school wanted to be with. He was athletic, smart, tall, rich, and handsome. I had a huge crush on him, but obviously, he didn’t know that. He did not have a bad boy persona, and I was never into that anyways. What I really liked about him, was the fact that he was so mature. He didn’t act disrespectful or immaturely towards others, and a lot of the girls in school loved that; especially the staff. He wooed everyone with his charming smile, green eyes, and dark brown wavy hair. He was six feet tall and used it to his advantage. He played basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, and is the school’s quarterback on the football team. We made it to the cham
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Chapter 2
CHASITY DAWSON POV.Why is he coming from behind me? I inwardly groaned.“I am not mad, that you took some.” He stated with a chuckle.I did not take them, they were given to me as a gift from Francis, I internally thought.“They are my favorite dessert and I always ask the chef to prepare it for my friends and I whenever we are home.” He added.I still stayed quiet, not responding to his comment. The only action I took is when I swallowed the cupcake in my mouth.“Next I ask him to make them; I will have the chef extra, that way you can have some as well, whenever you come to the house.” he added with a pat on my head.I gave a small smile, showing that I was happy with his comment. He did not know that Francis already did
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Chapter 3
CHASITY DAWSON P.O.VWhen we got home, I walked to the kitchen and started thinking about what I should make for dinner. Now that it was just mom and me at home, I started learning how to cook; that way I can make dinner for her, instead of her having to cook all the time. Most of the things I made were very easy to make. I pulled out the box of mac and cheese, from the cabinet and the rest of the ingredients from the fridge, and started cooking dinner.  “Mac and cheese for dinner tonight mom,” I shouted from the kitchen.“Okay honey. I’m just going to head to bed and take a small nap. Wake me up when you’re done.” She replied in an exhausted and yet grateful tone.“Okay, mom.” That was the last thing I said before I started making dinner.
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Chapter 4
JOE BANDIT P.O.V“Can you believe how quick the game is coming up?” asked John, as we walked towards our lockers.“No, and I am very excited for us to win,” Gio said in a confident tone.John Jones and Giovanni Giordano are my closest friends. John and I have been best friends since kindergarten. We got close to Gio when he moved to America from Sicily and started school here at the beginning of the senior year. We were the best players on the team in all the sports we played. It sounds obnoxious of me to think that, but It was true.All three of us got offered a full ride to any university that we wanted to go to. John, Gio, and I all decided that we wanted to play for The University of Alabama. I already told my parents and so did John. Gio on the other hand has stalled telling his family. He said that it is going to take
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Chapter 5
JOE BANDIT P.O.V“Where do you get these pictures?” she asked as she handed the envelope back to me.I grabbed them and put them back into my locker and underneath my math textbook. I then shut the locker door, and locked it with the lock, making sure to spin the knob. I used to think that the culprit stalking my family and me, was someone from school; until I realized that it was only friends and family that was invited, the day my parents renewed their vows.“They arrive once a week, and show up at our front door,” I replied as my mind thought of the many ways, I have tried to catch the culprit.“You have security camera’s up around the house,” she stated in a tone, that implies I have not already thought of that.I sighed “I already checked the recordings so many times, and n
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Chapter 6
JOE BANDIT P.O.VWhen it was finally time for lunch, John, Gio and I left the school and headed to taco bell. We did all the time and since we were now seniors, it was fine for us to leave campus. When we arrived at Taco Bell, we all ordered our food. When it was finally ready, we grabbed our food and picked a table to sit. We all eagerly began eating the tacos, hungry for that delicious wrapped meat.After taking a bite of my taco, I saw Gio and John looking at each other. John whispered something to Gio, making him frown and shake his head. They then both looked at me in observance. As if they were searching for the answer to a question they wanted to ask. I ignored them and kept eating my food. When I could still feel their eagle eyes watching me, I sighed and gave up, allowing them to ask me what I know they eagerly want to know.“What?” I said in a deadpan v
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Chapter 7
 CHASITY DAWSON P.O.V (MEANWHILE BACK AT SCHOOL DURING LUNCH TIME) After class I headed towards the school cafeteria for lunch. Seeing my friends already sitting at our usual lunch table with their plates, I quickly got mine and headed towards the table. I put my lunch tray down and sat down in my seat. Quickly digging into my plate to eat. “Did you do your math homework?” asked Maddie, as she looked at Payton and I. Lucky for me, I did my homework with Payton yesterday at her house, so I knew I was going to be fine. Math was not Maddie’s best friend, nor was it mine. Payton on the other hand, was a genius at almost everything. We all went to Payton when we needed help. So, when she was looking at Payton and I; I knew the question was meant for Payton. She was the genius of the group, and very pretty as well; with her long dark
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Chapter 8
 Chasity Dawson P.O.V By the time my last class had finished and the bell had rung. I headed straight to my locker to wait for Payton. Luckily her locker, and Maddie’s locker, was right next to mine. When I reached my locker I grabbed my other text books and stuffed them into my backpack, to do my homework later at Payton’s house. I was so focused on what I was doing; that I did not hear the two other guys behind me. “Hello,” said someone behind me. I turned around and there before me, stood John and Giovanni. My eyes widened in surprise, because I have never spoken to them before either. Even though they haven’t said anything else yet, I had a hunch that they were here to get info from me on why Joe approached me. I closed my locker and turned around fully to face them. I was not nervous to speak to them, because although t
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Chapter 9
 Chasity Dawson P.O.V The man with the envelope started to turn, to walk in the direction of the house, but suddenly stopped. He quickly turned towards me, as if he sensed someone watching him. Which made me freeze for a second at being caught. When he saw me, he turned and quickly dashed back to his black car, jumped in and drove off before anyone else saw him. When I ran towards the road to catch his license plate before he got away, it was useless. There was no license plate on the back of the car. That must be the person leaving the photos, I thought to myself. I knew this was groundbreaking, since the culprit had finally been seen by someone. Even though, I may not have been able to see his face clearly enough to identify him. At least I was able to see his car, and the way he was dressed. It was a tiny
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Chapter 10
 Joe Bandit P.O.V I snickered to myself after sending the text to Chasity. Truth be told, this was not the first time I caught her watching me from the window at Payton’s house. She is not the quickest person to disappear, when it came to hiding after being caught. It made me assume that maybe she had a thing for me. I thought it was cute and it puzzled me on why she had never tried to talk to me, if I was correct and she did have a thing for me. “Move over,” shouted Gio. I looked up at my two best friends fighting in the theater room for the middle seat in the front row. I rolled my eyes at their childish antics. There were at least nine other seats for them to sit on. Then again, I might have argued for that seat too. It was the best place to sit, when it came to watching a movie.  
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