•42• Priscilla

I'm listening to Bru speak on the phone, but it's hard to actually believe what's coming out of her mouth. Gerrard? In my apartment?



"...come as soon as you can, Priscilla," she sighs at the end. "We miss you."

My heart melts. "I miss you, too... I'll try and come as soon as possible, Bru. I'll call you when I get there."

She pretty much squeals on the other end.

"You have no idea how eagerly we're waiting to see you again! See you soon!"

It's hard not to hear the smile in her voice.

"See you soon, Bru," I grin, before hanging up.

So Gerrard's been-

"-Your boyfriend's been camping at your house?"

The sudden voice by the door to my room startles me, to the point where I almost fall from the edge of the bed where I'm sitting. Whipping towards the source of the sound, I see Victoria looking at me all innocently from the little gap between the door and the wall.

"The fuck, Vira?" I scowl, pl

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