Chapter 2

I approached her slowly, trying not to make any noise. Carefully without being detected so that I could admire her, that woman was beautiful, who was she?.

 I didn't recognize her; she must not be from my pack and even less from Red Winter's, or I would have seen her before.

When I was about to give my first attempt to meet her, Xander shouted like crazy,

—! Hannia! Hannia! — he said, screaming like an idiot;! Fuck!,  I turned around to see him and asked him to shut up. —Shut up! You're an idiot.

—I'm trying to find my sister; you saw her; she wasn't at the waterfall— he said, trying to look over my shoulder. Still, jealousy enveloped me, and I tried to cloud his sight with my hand.

—What's wrong with you? Let me see, are you hiding something, let me see — Xander passed me by, looking at the waterfall.

 —Well, there's nobody there. —He said, disappointed.

I turned around, looking towards the waterfall, and there was no one there; how was it possible, if just a few seconds ago, she was here naked? I started to look around the area following Xander, and nothing, she had vanished entirely. Still, I could smell a delicious aroma in the vanilla air, that was my favorite flavor, and it fascinated me.

—We're just wasting time, she's not here, and she's already back, and I'm here wasting my time, when I can be at ease, with some girl in my arms, but this is the last one this spoiled brat does to me.

We went back to the pack, not having found her, and headed for the packhouse, my dad was with Uncle Hansen, and they saw us.

—Xander, where were you?

—What do you mean, where was I?

—You asked me to look for my sister, but I didn't find her; I don't know where she is, and I refuse to continue being her babysitter, for God's sake. I am 21 years old, and she is 16. She is not a child anymore, and you should reprimand her dad. She is of age to take her responsibilities seriously when she starts her training in intensive magic.

We talked about it, she is not ready yet, besides she is training. Dominik told me that she was already with Renata and your mother in the field, so go, and I was hoping you could say to her that she is done and I need to talk to her.

—Now I am this girl's babysitter and my father's messenger.  —Xander growled.

—What did you say, boy? —Said Alpha Hansen.

—Nothing, Alpha, I'm on my way.

—That's what I thought pup, don't forget I'm still your alpha. -—Uncle Hansen said, and my father and I couldn't help but laugh when we heard that argument between them.

—Maximo, you don't know how happy I am to see you again; how long will you stay this time? I hope it will be more than a few days; last time you were only here for a weekend. The alpha university is getting stricter and stricter; I still remember that it was pure fun when your father and I were there. Still, we also learned a lot, right Sebastian,— said uncle Hansen looking at my father.

Right, I feel that they have become very soft with these new pups; they don't challenge them as they say my father is laughing at me.

Yeah, yeah, you will never stop complaining that when you were here, it was a tough system for the young alphas, but times change, and you have to evolve or die trying— I said to both of them smiling.

—What are you talking about? Did I miss something interesting?— said Uncle Ivan as he approached us.

Nothing you haven't heard before, brother-in-law.

—The same as always, pups wanting to be more than us, when will they learn,— he said, and the 3 of them started laughing; I think it was too much testosterone for one day.

—Well, I'll take my leave; by any chance, have you seen Alexia?

—Yes, she must be in the training area; she is almost finished.

Alexia is not my girlfriend, and she is not my friend; she is like my favorite hobby. When I feel like getting horny, she is always available, and she is like my own little slut. Xander knows it. Nobody else, we have wanted to keep this a secret, being that it is nothing official, just something of the moment. My mother has told me that someday my mate will come into my life. Still, it is something more than that, and she tells me that this woman will be absolutely perfect for me.

When I was a teenager, she and aunt Alania told me the story of a distant relative of us, who apparently his soul reincarnated in me, the proof is a moon-shaped mole I have on the back of my neck, can you believe it, this seems like a crazy story. However, that explains my powers. I can create red fire from my hands, and I have extreme strength. I am half-witch and half-wolf. I come from an ancient lineage of Lycans on my father's side and warlock from my mother.

When you turn 16, according to the tradition of the White Magic Coven, where my mother comes from, the sons or daughters are sent to be trained in magic at another level. This Coven is in Paris, as I will be alpha; my priority was to teach me in that rank and learn to control my powers. My mother and aunt Alania trained me, so I didn't have to go anywhere.

Unlike my sister Katerina who, if she will have to leave now that she will be 16 years old, the truth is I will miss her, we have an excellent relationship. However, she can't stand Alexia, but that doesn't matter to me as long as she gives me what I need and can be with her without problems.

I'm walking towards the training field when some hands cover my eyes, and I know perfectly well who it is.

—What are you doing here so lonely,— she said while biting my ear a little.

Without giving me a chance, I put my hands on her waist and carried her until I put her back on the nearest tree and put my body against hers. I put my head on her neck, I loved to smell her, and I started to kiss her neck little by little, making her moan with pleasure when she felt my lips on her.

—Where have you been? You knew we were meeting today,—she said, claiming her disobedience.

—I'm sorry, but I had to train Hannia; you don't know how bad I dislike my cousin; she's a rebel, I'd like to kick her ass, but her powers are getting stronger and stronger. I'm just counting the days for her to leave.

—Why are we talking about someone else when you should be fucking me right now,— said Alexia, and her hands reached my cock that was already quite erect for her. She started rubbing it up and down, which only made me more excited, and I just wanted to sink into her pussy and release all that I had inside.

Without thinking about it anymore, I started to remove her sport's top and leggings, leaving her only in panties; Alexia removed my shirt and started to unbutton my pants. I pulled my boxer shorts to let my fully erect dick free in front of her.

I could see how her tongue wet her lips when she saw it; she bent down and put my cock in her mouth; I could feel how the head of my penis touched the back of her throat, and it was a delicious sensation to feel her lips around my shaft, I loved it, and she knew it.

—Don't fucking stop, keep going, don't stop,— I told her, very excited.

 I couldn't take it anymore, so I took her head and pulled my penis out of her mouth; I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her so that her legs were around my waist, and with a strong thrust, I entered her, without warning.

—God, you're so big,— she said as she moaned with pleasure and her hands were on my back. She scratched me and kissed my neck without stopping, that only made me hornier, and my thrusts were getting stronger and harder; our bodies were sweaty and intertwined, she was not my mate, but she made me feel as good as any.

—I can't stop penetrating you; you're so delicious, —I told her, lost in the pleasure of the moment.

We could hear someone walking very close to us, maybe some warriors returning from training, but we didn't care, this moment was ours, and we wouldn't stop for anyone until we reached our maximum pleasure.

—Wow, my cousin and her lover, you're a slut—I heard in the distance, but I didn't even make an attempt to see who it was; I was too excited, and I just wanted to come inside her, but the voices were dying out, and they left.

—She left, that bitch, don't stop Maximo, I'm about to come— I heard her say, and that was enough, for my hands to be on her ass and bring her closer to me. I felt how she moaned with pleasure when I could feel a hot liquid cover my penis, and a few seconds later, I  was about to come, so I pulled my cock out and released myself on her breasts.

We both tried to catch our breath; Alexia had been my first time and hers, but we were not mates. Within a night of hell between us both, I told her that I would take her as my Luna by choice, even if someday I would find my mate.

I know I was a jerk, but when you are horny, you do whatever it takes to be allowed to finish. That was my case. It has been easier because neither she nor I have found our mates. I hope it stays that way, destiny or not, I am not ready to be a one-woman man, and I doubt anyone can please me as Alexia does.

She is a great warrior; she is the daughter of a Beta and knows perfectly how to please a man in bed. She is the perfect match for me, I am very possessive, and she is very submissive to me; I would not stand to have a rebellious woman by my side; it is not my style.

I know Alexia has had several men; I'm not stupid. So am I, but I also have other options; women throw themselves at me like bees to honey, to share my bed and the pleasure of having an alpha, satiating their most primitive instincts.

And as an alpha male, possessive, strong, and manly, practically a stallion, I do not hesitate to please mine in bed. Still, when the day comes to settle down, my Luna will have to be submissive and follow my orders; first of all, I am an alpha, and I owe my pack; they will always be my priority.

—I have to go, my father is waiting for me;  I will go with him on a business trip, I will be away for a week, so I expect you to behave in my absence. — Alexia said while kissing me.

— You offend me. I always behaved myself-—I told her sarcastically that I watched her leave while I finished dressing.

At that moment I remembered that woman I saw at the waterfall, who she was and just thinking about her, my dick is getting hard again -What was her name? I will find you a mystery woman that I swear, and when I do, you will be mine.

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