Chapter 35

After feeling Maximo so close to me, I couldn't hold back; we were free to touch each other; he hugged me tightly, while he devoured my lips, he kissed me on my forehead. His hands reached for the sheet and threw it to the floor, exposing my body to him.

I felt my skin bristle with the simple touch of his hands. I couldn't deny that I loved him and needed him; even if it was just for tonight, arms took my waist, and with delicacy, he positioned me in the middle of the bed.

 My breathing was agitated, anxious because I knew what would happen between us; his lips began to bite my neck and went down, leaving a wet path between my breasts. I could not stop moaning and kept my eyes closed while biting one of my lips.

Maximo placed his hands on my ass, squeezing it and then caressing my body until he reached my crotch. Every time he touched me, I felt how he was leaving sparks of electricity through our coup

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