Chapter 57

Tasha brought Maverick to the hospital. He already lost a lot of blood and was losing consciousness. The whole time she was driving, her tears were falling nonstop. They were lucky that they didn't crash.

The doctors took Maverick to the operating room to remove the bullet the pierced through his back. They also need to do blood transfusion to help him survive. All she could do was pray and hope that Maverick will be okay.

He was in the operating room for one and a half hours when Maverick's phone rang. It was Josh calling, possibly to ask him where they were. With shaking hands, Tasha answered the phone.

"Josh, josh..." Tasha couldn't complete her words because her body was trembling.

Tasha couldn't stand much longer. Her knees collapsed, and it was a good thing that she was standing in front of a waiting chair. She doesn't even realize that Josh already hangs up. She just kept crying.

An hour later, Josh arrived with Gonzalo and some of his men.

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