Chapter 124

These past few days have been normal for everyone at the Valenzuela estate. Aside from Felix's continued search for Deborah and the people who helped her murdered his father. Gonzalo and and Patricia became close again after Gonzalo finally forgave her for her stubbornness. But there's something that is constantly causing awkwardness among all of them

"Patricia, good morning. How's your sleep last night?" It's time for breakfast, and everyone is present at the dining table. And Felix's tone made everyone look at him, then to Patricia.

"Uhm, yeah. I slept good."

Anthony is the most curious of them all. How couln't he? He's gone for a few months only to arrive back home with another man, who's obviously flirty with his daughter. But, that's not what piqued his attention, it's the willingness of Gonzalo to step aside as he does so. It's obvious that Gonzalo is not happy about what Felix is doing, but he's holding himself well.

"Gonzalo, I noticed that you gr

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