Today is going- not so great. I went about my day as usual- or rather as I remember. I pampered myself in the warm shower and stayed in there till the water lost its warmth. Standing in front of my full length mirror, I looked at my reflection

I still couldn’t believe my eyes. I was simply shaken to the core as I stood in front of the mirror staring at my body. My hand flew to my mouth to prevent myself from crying out loud. I didn’t want to alarm my family. I was very disappointed in myself for not taking the time to notice the dark marks smearing parts of my body-the scars. There was a huge one on my back. It looked like my back was terribly burnt, maybe roasted over fire.  It looked very displeasing to the eye. I began to cry again as I tore off the rest of my clothes. I had to see the rest of my body, would it be worst? No, nothing could be worse than the scar covering the entire area of my lower back stretching from side to side. Once again I stood in front of the mirror, head down wearing nothing but panties and scared to lift my eyes. I was sure that I had absolutely nothing to worry to about. I felt no pain but these scars scared me because they made me even more curious. They increased my longing for knowledge of my past. I didn’t want to keep being scared and so I fiercely looked at the mirror and decided to accept whoever I am just the way she is.

My fair skin was clean, my face perfectly clear thanks to the small amount of concealer I put on while getting dressed. My mom gave me a make-up kit and showed me how to use the various products one time when we were still at the hospital, not the point but just so you know the concealer is perfection.

I continued staring at my reflection from my face; I studied my unbelievably sharper features. Puberty did me some good though I am still on the thin side I lost my I found something. On my stomach, close to my navel there was another one. Good bye bikinis and going to any beach ever.

I quickly put my clothes back on because I could not continue staring at the mirror. I had to rid of the curiosity and fear which were about to swallow me whole. I hurriedly walked down the stairs but halted when I heard a knock on the door. My siblings were at home, my parents we at work. I am not sure if I am to check whose knocking but I kept walking toward the front door slowly. I stretched out my hand to reach the door handle but stopped moving when I heard the knock again, it was louder this time but not loud enough to alert my siblings upstairs.

I didn’t know why, I but I was hesitating. I choked down the feeling, took a deep breath and firmly grabbed the knob and when I opened the door, but I saw no one which was weird and anti-climactic. I did not see anyone around but I turned to the left I stiffened in shock. My eyes met dark brown ones belonging to a girl who seemed to be the same age as my brother. She held a text book across her chest and her eyes were wide as she stared at me. I couldn’t continue bearing the awkward silence so I spoke up-

“Who- who are you looking for?” I wanted to sound confident but ended up stuttering. She didn’t say anything but kept her gaze on me. Something was off; she seemed to be frozen. A small smile began to settle on her face as her eyes slowly moved from my face down to my feet.

“Who is it?” I heard Emelie’s voice behind me. I stepped inside to give them some space. He seemed to know her. I don’t know why the girl was all spaced out but I can tell she isn’t a terrible person. As soon as he saw the girl he told me he would take care of it. Her slight smile grew wider ever since she saw him. Hmm-

“What are you doing here?” Jeez he was so stern. When did he lose his cheerful nature? ‘What exactly happened with this kid?’ I couldn’t help but ask myself. That is no way to talk to a lady. Call me nosy but I wanted to hear what she was going to say so I stuck around. He just stood at the door obviously not wanting her to come in. Apparently he also lost his courtesy.

“I just wanted to return your physics textbook.” The girl has a sweet voice.

“Wow I do not remember giving it to you.” Ouch the sarcasm in his voice hurts- I started feeling a bit bad for the girl. I walked towards the door, not only did I eavesdrop; I was also going to interrupt them. What a great sis I am.

“Aren’t you going to ask your friend to come in-?” Without waiting for his response I pushed him to the side to make some space for her to walk in. She looked at my brother for a bit before slowly walking in. The mean boy didn’t even spare her a glance. He simply rolled his eyes and went in to sit on the sofa.

“You are that model, Zara right?” Her eyes glimmered as she spoke. A model? Me? Sick joke. That doesn’t sound like something I would do or even something mom and dad would agree to. But she said my name and Emelie didn’t say anything to refute her words. His eyes went wide and his brow furrowed consecutively, a mix of shock and anger. His eyes were intensely focused on her and as if she could hear the words ‘shut up’ from his eyes, she immediately went silent and her smile disappeared.

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