Honeymoon in Japan

When their last guest left, the newlyweds went home. Along the way, the two are still cold with each other. Candy noticed that her husband was taking a different path. 

"Where will we go?" She asked as she watched outside the car. 

"At the airport." 

"I thought tomorrow we will go to B City before we go on a cruise." 

“I changed my mind. We need to talk and we can't go home because I don't want our parents to hear that we are fighting just right after our wedding.” 

Candy's eyebrows rose. “Who’s fighting with you? I already surrendered with you because I know I won’t win.” 

Kenneth glared at Candy before refocusing his eyes on the road. 

“Then, why did you treat me like this? You almost don't want to talk to me and when you speak it is always mixed with insults. And most of all, what is your drama and why did you have to hug Richard right before my eyes? Are

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