Chapter 26

Daeira saw how he stiffened at her last words while he clenched his fists on his sides while  looking away from her. She looked down her shaking hands while silently reprimanding her heart to stay still for it trashed wildly now. She was sure she wasn't under his spells or influencing of his stones but damn, her feelings only intensified. But she had to confirmed it herself, forced herself to stand up and sauntered at his direction. 

GD caught her very action, unashamed now if she saw how he felt unsettled with how she  seemed driving him away from her. 

Instead of stepping back from the intensity of his gaze, Daeira tried not to recoil away from  him most especially that she was readily in front of him now. Studying him upclose, she remembered the first time she saw her in that throne. So imposing, proud and handsome.  Now that she wasn't in Agartha, she thought him so insanely good looking. His scarlet eyes gleamed at the gentle lights f

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