57 -Maybe

Alex's POV;

I'm sitting on my bed, shaken, broken, and crying. Could Ava really be pregnant with Damon's child!?

Could that witch really be carrying my husband's child??

"Alex, honey, may I come in? "I hear my mother-in-law's voice call from outside, and I wipe my face and sniffle, but remain silent.

"Please, honey. I know the door is unlocked, but I won't come in if you don't permit me.

Dear, do let me in..." She begs, and I roll my eyes to fight the tears threatening to pour again, and I inhale deeply.

"Come in, mom. " I call out to her, and I hear the door unlock. I hug my legs tightly, as I feel her sit on the bed.

"Alex, honey... Don't cry... "She says to me, and I look up at her in alarm.

"How am I to do that, mom? My rival is carrying my husband's child. This is as bad as it gets!

Ava has a part of my husband, growi

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