Chapter fourteen

****This chapter takes place between Shawn and Beth's POV when they were teenagers in high school. I thought it would be nice for readers to see how they saw each other back then.****

Shawn's POV 

Another beating from hell today. I have bruises on my face and ribs from the last beating. Old cuts have reopened as I try to get up off the floor. Trey, the asshole who beats me, is the principal's son and he gets away with everything. He's the biggest bully in the school.

He started beating me after he caught me with an erection during cheer practice. I came to secretly watch Beth cheer and never had the guts to tell her how I feel. She'd added some erotic moves to the routine and you can guess the rest.

"Oh my God," Annie chokes when she finds me in the empty hallway after school. "Trey again?"

"Trey and some of his football friends," I groan as she helps me to my feet.

"You should stay home tomorrow. Mandy told me the guys had someth

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Andrea Howard
I loved the flashback. I can’t wait to read how Abbigail and Melanie meet.
goodnovel comment avatar
let me know what you guys think of this flashback. I felt it gave you an insight of some of what Shawn endured and Beth's feeling towards her from the beginning.

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