Chapter 44

Back to Business

"Sir," Falcon stood on September's right side after giving him a clear folder containing all the files and records he asked for.

The whole conference room was filled with tension.

For the past few months this tension filled situation was very much absent and the whole building was so much livelier than ever.

Who would expect that their happy and carefree days were short-lived?

"Did you enjoy the lenient days?" September asked with a smirk.

Nobody had the guts to answer nor breath inside the room.

Only Chris and Falcon seems to be at lax as they stood beside the great manipulator.

Everybody almost had a mini heart attack when September suddenly stood up from his chair and walked up to the ceiling-to-floor window. It overlooks the whole city.

The sun's about to set and the shining sun almost blinded the people who were wearily staring at September's back. They were w

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