Chapter 129

In the huge office, a faint yellow light shone in from the corner of his eye and cast a faint, soft shadow on the ground. The atmosphere was inexplicably dyed with an ambiguous atmosphere because of Yoseph's words.

Emma looked at Yoseph with an unnatural expression but met his burning eyes. She panicked and said in a tense voice, "If you have nothing else to do, I will have to get off work."

Yoseph's eyes darkened. She couldn't wait to leave because she wanted to get into Archie's arms as soon as possible.

This girl was really ridiculous. How could she fall in love with Archie so easily?

"Tell me honestly, did you fall in love with Archie? What did you fall in love with him for? Just because he treats you well and pampers you?" Yoseph was somewhat unwilling to give up. He also felt that he was childish like a child. He would actually be calculative over matters of love.

However, this feeling of losing control really made him feel defeated. It was b

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