Chapter 350

Emma had heard a lot about Benny during this period of time. Now that he had become the new president, his name had become even more famous.

However, Emma had only seen his appearance on television. In reality, she had never seen him before, much less talked to him.

Tonight, Benny was hosting a banquet in the presidential palace. Archie was naturally an honored guest that he had invited. Furthermore, he was his nephew.

Emma sat in the car. The light of the car flashed across her nervous little face.

Beside her, the man closed his eyes and leaned against her. His long legs habitually folded together. Fortunately, the car was spacious enough. Otherwise, his long legs would definitely not be easy to let go.

Emma, on the other hand, straightened her back. However, one of her small hands had always been grasped by him and placed near the center of his legs.

Emma blinked her eyes. Even though the current Archie was like a beast that needed rest and did not have any offensive power.

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