Chapter 415

Emma put down her chopsticks and took two sips of milk.

"I'm done eating!" Emma's voice was as small as a mosquito's buzz.

Archie looked at her and found it funny. He said in a suppressed tone: "It seems that someone is more anxious to get it than me."

Emma heard his words and almost went to find a hole to hide in.

Archie was too annoying. He only knew how to make fun of her.

Who was the one who said that she had to make the best use of her time to give birth? Now, he blamed her for being too impatient.

Emma angrily glared at him and immediately choked. "Who said I was anxious to do bad things with you? I am going home now."

"You want to leave? No way!" Archie grabbed her small hand with the large palm. With a slight force, she fell into his arms.

"Archie, let go of me. I suddenly don't want to have children with you anymore." Emma purposely said those words out of anger.

Archie was not angry. Instead, he used his thumb and forefinger to lift her snow-white chin. His thin lips kissed
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