Chapter 416

The next morning, Emma went downstairs in low spirits, with two shadows in her eyes. It could be seen that she did not sleep well last night.

Minlan saw that she was holding a bag and immediately went forward to ask, "Emma, are you going out?"

"Yes, I am going to find Archie. I am going to question him. Why is he doing this to me?" Emma bit her lips and looked very angry.

Minlan immediately suggested, "Mommy will accompany you. There will be more people and more mouths. I must scold this brat Archie properly. He usually has a good upbringing and his private relationship life is also so chaotic."

Hearing that her mother was going, Emma immediately turned pale with fright and quickly said, "Mom, you should not go. This is a matter between the two of us."

Minlan saw that her daughter seemed to be really determined to end things with Archie, so she could only stop insisting, "Alright. Then promise me that when you see him, you will scold him and come back quickly. Don't entangle with him
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