Blair's question took Azariah by unaware. He was kind of stroke with that, and the fact that the child's eyes were bright and held several emotions of home only caused him pain. Well, truth be told, he had being interested in staying to have the meal, but his ego wouldn't let him say, he just wanted Becky to ask him that question, and that is the weirdest thing that he has felt before. 

Staring at his daughter with bright eyes, he just wanted to tell her that he can't stay here because maybe he wasn't invited, and he doesn't even know what he will be doing there in case he stays. 

Azariah lightly placed his hand on Blair's shoulders, and staring at her, he decided to give an excuse, that would quite be easier to pass it out. 

"Blair, I wouldn't be able to join you for your snacks today, now, you can hurry along to get it from Miss Becky's hands before they cool off," he dad in that daddy-like tone. His voice was sweet and melodious, and made sure that i
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