" Time to wake up. "

Azariah said with a very loud voice as he was actually being very tired at that moment. It was quite a very loud voice at that time. It was quite a very good thing for them to have ever done at that moment.

After having listened to all what Azariah had just said, Becky instantly started woke up as she wanted to make sure that, break fast was ready at that moment.

Shaking from one corner to another, she immediately lifted up her hands as she was actually being very tired and so stressed up. She needed more rest but that was no longer possible because there were actually other very important things for her to do that morning.

" Good morning Becky....  "

Azariah said with a very calm and subdeued voice as he had actually started lifting up his head from the exact spot where he was sleeping so that he could start kissing Becky at that time.

The kisses had become so many that he could no longer even get to explain any thing. Things
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