Chapter 71

Noah entered the room where Crystal was resting. He approached her slowly and felt as he got closer and closer, his footsteps became heavier.

Noah sat on Crystal's side and slid his hand on hers. He let out a deep sigh as he shifted his eyes to Crystal.

“Amara…” he whispered. “I have been longing to call you that again. I waited a long time for the right time for us to tell you all the truth, but we could not find the right time.” he said in a hushed tone talking to Crystal, even though he knew she couldn't answer.

“I thought… When you find out, that will be the end of my situation. I thought that you just need to know that you are Amara, then everything will come into place.” He gently bowed his head and his eyes hit Crystal's hand. He smiled full of bitterness and pain. “I guess… happy ever after doesn't come so easily."

The whole area was silent for a long time and Noah was just stunned by the absence.

When his phone rang, it brought him ba

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