Chapter 8: Car Ride

I can't quite figure out who's inside the car because of its light. 

Oh well, I'm not going to get in the car right away until I know who's in it. I learned from my mistakes.

I narrowed my eyes to see it better and I saw someone getting out of the car.


A man got out of the car and I could see his smiles from here. 

This man can absolutely be compared to a mushroom who constantly appears from time to time. 

He's the one who sat in front of me before, he always comes out of nowhere. I don't know if he's lurking, but of all the weirdness he did today, this was the one I liked the most. 

I can't walk that long road alone, and it's also getting dark. 

So maybe it's even better to just ride with him. This man doesn't look like a rapist though. And I also have no reason to say no because the cars here are also leaving. 

I can't expect anything from Sybil or Ke—my head heated up again when I remembered that he lied to me. Even in the simplest name, he has not yet told the truth. He knows the name Key Zayn which also means that he eavesdrops and really listens to our conversations at the hotel.

"Where is Sybil? It's getting late, why haven't you come home yet?" I came back to life when I heard this man speak.

"I was also looking for him, but I think he has already left because the car we rode in before is no longer here," I said as I hugged myself. I couldn't stand the cold breeze, I was only wearing a little dress. I'm getting cold.

"I see..." He nodded and seemed pleased with what he heard. 

What is the fun of me walking home?

"Want me to drive you home?" He added.

"Uh..."My only choice was to ride in this man's car or walk a long way "Alright." I tried to smile at him while rubbing my hands to my shoulders to reduce the coldness.

"Are you okay? you seem to be freezing. Wait for me here and I'll go get something to cover you." He said before he ran back inside immediately.

"Thank-" I hadn't finished what I was about to say when suddenly someone strongly grabbed my arms. I looked immediately to recognize who it was, and it's him. Liam. 

It was as if my arms would be cut by his pull. He threw me on the side of a car, I almost fell over because of its force but I managed to find my balance.

"What— is wrong with you!?" I shouted at him, It was as if little by little the blood in my body was rising to my head and my eyes seemed to be heating up. I couldn't control my anger, especially because of what I found out earlier.

"Am I really the one you asked that? What is wrong with you!? We have a deal. And I told you to never talk to anyone here." His voice was deep but his annoyance was obvious in its sounds. "Did you tell him anything?"

He's really the one who has the urge to get angry now? With all his lies, am I the one here who has done wrong?

"I-" I just took a deep breath to stop whatever was going crazy inside me.

Right, he was just paying me. 

I have no right to be angry or feel anything for him and whatever he does.

He's looking intently into my eyes, waiting for me to say something. This scene is familiar, but those beautiful eyes that I admire are as if I can no longer recognize.

I never spoke again, the surroundings became so quiet and only the wind could be heard. I pulled my dress down as the wind blew it away. but I kept lifting it because of the appearance of the split in the middle part of my chest. 

I noticed the movement of his eyes towards the bottom of my flying dress but he also removed it immediately and just shifted his gaze back to me.

I just looked away and waited for what he would say next. I can't look at him, I can't look into his angry eyes. It’s like I am afraid that when I stared into the sea of ​​his eyes, I might get drown and will never be able to get back on my own feet again.

"Liam." we turned our eyes to the woman who called him. It's his girlfriend, Maddison. She's inside the car.

A corner of my lip was slightly raised and my nose let out the air before I took my eyes away again. I am containing all of my feelings right now.

He seems to wait for me to say something about what I heard but no I didn't. 

I already know that he lied about his name, why should I react?

And to be precise, there is nothing in our contract that forbids lying.

"Get in the car, we'll drop you at the hotel." He said before getting into the car.

I looked at Maddison to see if it's okay to ride with them, and I assumed it was because she was smiling at me. 

I opened the door and started to get inside.


I heard someone shouting from afar, I turned around and saw that mushroom was carrying a coat. I don't know what to do, it's embarrassing.

I looked at Liam once again and saw his deadly eyes.

Sorry mushroom, maybe next time...?

I opened the door and quietly entered the back of the car. I didn't look at them anymore and instead just stared outside.

This road was really dark, and it was very far from their house. What would have happened to me in case I walked it.

Along the way, I just stared at the road.

I noticed that the two in front of me were talking using my peripheral vision. I don't care what kind of flirtatious jokes they are talking about though. I don't know how they fixed their relationship, but who cares.

I heard Maddison giggled.

"Liam— stop." She tries to weaken her voice while giggling.

I couldn't help but stare at them, I knew I was just riding and had no right to complain but the giggling sounds coming out from Maddison is disturbing.

I didn't understand what was going on so I looked at Liam, he's smirking. 

My gazes followed his hand as I noticed it moving below. 

His one hand was on Maddison's thigh, while the other held the steering wheel. She slapped Liam's hand, but it still struggled to insert his hand inside Maddison's short dress. 

She enlarges his eyes to Liam so that he would stop the shit he's doing.

They realized that I am here right? do they really need to do that here.

Maddison must have noticed that I was looking at them.

"So... your name is Crystal, right? Do you mind telling me how old you are?" Liam put his hand back on the steering wheel.

Thank god.

"I'm 21." I noticed that Liam glanced at me.

"You're 21? you look young, I thought you were only 18." she laughed a little covering her lips with her hand. "I wonder how Liam found someone like you." 

Wasn't she even angry that her boyfriend had married someone else?

I just fake smiled. I'm not rude to ignore her, and she's also kind to me. But I did not respond to what she said, and just returned my gaze to the road.

How can I forget what I have witnessed before? 

I will never ride with these two again because next time they might do worse, and probably they just stopped earlier because Maddison thought I was that young. Now that she knows that I am already 21 then they might let me watch whatever disgusting shit they do in a car. And that is the last thing I would like to watch.

I never imagined that I would be able to follow the story of the movie I watched that night in the City Hall.

"Just let me down there on the side."

Liam turned the car.

"Thanks for the ride." I smiled a little to show my appreciation. Maddison also smiled at me, and I also saw Liam's glance from the rear mirror before I opened the door and started to get out.

I was surprised to see Trina standing in front of the hotel. Her arms were crossed and staring intently at me.

"Here comes the bride." she sarcastically said.

I tried to laugh. "Uh... why are you outside?"

"I was waiting for the bride, and you?" Her lips were smiling but her eyes were not, and the tone of her voice was sarcastic.

I held both of her hands. "Okay Trina, I think you need to know something." 

"You finally have the guts to tell me, let's get inside you're freezing."


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