20. For Everything.

Elena's POV

"Here." I handed her the cup of coffee before taking a seat beside her.

"You're taking your medicines on time, right?" I asked, remembering how Dad is always the one to remind her of her medicines.

"Do I have a choice? Liv and Tyler are always breathing down my neck." She huffed.

"Good." I nodded, satisfied to which she shook her head.

"How are things back at home?" Her voice was soft but sounded tired.

"Just the usual." Lie. Usual back at Rylan's house was we being civil to each other at one moment and fighting at other. However, since the last few days, Rylan had been nothing but understanding. He didn't throw some arrogant remarks here and there and he actually was caring. There are instances where I had been snappy but he didn't retort.

"How's Ava?" Mom's voice broke my chain of thoughts. Thinking of Av

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