Chapter 38

Crystal Lemiere

I just worked out with Anwar and now I'm done with my training. I decided to sit beside Olivia and Calla who are currently talking about music. I joined them for a few minutes until I decided to take a shower. After I was done, I put on my black shorts and white tank top along with my leather jacket.

I walked out from the bathroom and then went straight outside to my car. At the same time, my dad arrived and parked his car beside me. He got out and looked at me without any expression.

"Your training day today?" I asked and he nodded. I was going to get in my car when my dad said, "Bring Lucas to dinner at our house tonight." I was going to say something but he walked away. I smiled widely seeing him walking inside the base.

I got into the car and drove out from the base. I cal

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