Chapter 13

"Do you think ..we should trust him?" Zane looked at Adrain and asked. 

"Do you think he really has the missing gem?" 

Adrian was silent for a while; if there was another name you could call Alpha Zane and Adrian, it would be brothers. Both of them were so close and that was the major reason Zane made him his second in command. 

"To be honest, Alpha" Zane sighed. 

"I don't think I know if we should trust him. I mean, for all we know, Alpha Cleo has always been a dubious guy. Although.... I don't see why he would toil with something this important. Besides, Sapphire was the one with the gem, right? Do you think it got into Cleo's hands by any chances?" 

"That is a question I have no answer to" Zane replied, touching his lower jaw. 

"How did the gem end up in his hands? But, do you think Cleo would be foolish enough to want to play such games with me? He should know better

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