Steven got sick

In the company, Steven really likes his environment. Aside from he has met a lot of friends. Also, he has lighted a fire under due to the high compensation in the company. To that, he can back to the square one to earn money. As of now, he is walking in the air; to cross his mind that he will make his own business soon.

Kenny, the prepossessing woman knocks on the wood to leave this company. Since, she is staying longer to this company. Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities where she could still apply a job. However, she does not pipe dream to leave her secret admirer. After a few minutes, Steven is calling her over the phone. Fortunately, she answers the call less than no time. Now, Steven spills the beans to her; he will absent tomorrow. He still knocks on the wood to take his rest. To that, Kenny does not give light a fire under to herself. Despite that, she is still looking for another man who will be her crush as soon as possible.

In the apartment, Steven has

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