Raquel acceptance

Now, Raquel is not so freaking out to attend this wedding ceremony due to the bad weather. Indeed, the rain has never stopped to fall on the ground. Besides, the wind is still strong. Subsequently, the road has filled by the water. Moving forward, some of the trees are falling.

In the church, Michael and his mother are going against the grain that the  rain has strong wind will stop. To this, most of the visitors are not around in the church except them and the priest. Here, the priest tells the guy; if this event would not be happened. Hence, he would not be worry because he can cancel this wedding. In response, the guy would want to happen today.

In the house, Raquel is calling over the phone to the Michael. However, her sweetheart does not answer her call. On the other way, she calls him over the Viber. Unfortunately, the guy is not online. To this, the woman is having a confusion on how she can go to the church.

Since, Raquel does not come

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