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ce left me in a daze at the garden after Green Day. 


It has been a week since then, but I still could not figure out if what he had said was a lie. It was bothering me a lot and I was not even the type to fret about such concerns. 


I had not told anyone about it. I only had two people I trusted in Iota which was Tony and Anne. Telling them would not really help me out so I decided to keep it to myself.


Thus, even if Ace meant what he said in a romantic way and he wanted things to get serious we both knew that being involved in a romantic relationship with someone from another house was against the rules.


Our school had no rules and regulations when it comes to couples unless the two individuals come from different houses. There are a few stories on why this rule had started. Some were obviously made up, others were way too detailed but there was one which I actually believed, it was the most famous story on campus.


It st
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