Envious Of A Clown



e were not going out and yet we acted like a couple. 


It has been a week since what had happened. Everyone in school has been very busy training since Sports Fest was up. Ace was lucky since his injury recovered quite quickly. He did not leave his room for three days but after that, he was back to normal. 


Ever since confessing to me, Ace was always consistent. He greets me good morning and good night every single day. He would message me to eat thrice a day and drink water every now and then. Whenever we walk past each other, he would ignore me but later on message me with a remark. 


I made a habit not to respond to him since I don't use my phone often but occasionally, I try to. He would always ask me to meet him somewhere private and I would always be reluctant to come. Most of the time I would be busy so I really had to decline but when I do show up, our situation would always end up in an intense kiss. 


Right now,
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