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love you too."


Ace and I were officially going out with each other already but of course, we had to keep it a secret. He said he would not tell anyone, but I was free to tell whom I want to. I knew I could not hide it from Tony and Anne, so I told them right after we made it official. 


The two of us were once again seated on the floor or the far end of the library where the encyclopedias were placed. It was starting to become our own hidden spot. We could stay here a whole day, and no one would even pass by it.


I was leaning against him, my head on his shoulder. We were both reading articles that were in relation to our line of course. 


Mid-Year examination had just ended and yet both of us had a stack of things we had to do. On top of that, there were only three days left before Sports Fest. The most awaited event of the year. 


Despite the fact that we were going out, the rivalry between us remained the same. 
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