Formulating Groups



is name is Edward Stillon," Ace stated. 


He should have graduated together with batch 1999 but he was not able to due to the incident. His record is cleared except for his personal information. There was no reason why he transferred in his third year. He stopped attending Scion University before the Mid-Year Examination was over," Ace stated all the facts he found out. 


I still could not get over the fact that the victim was a guy. Ace and I always referred to him as a girl, maybe because victims of such cases are normally girls. 


The thought that the owner of the journal was a guy never even crossed my mind. 


In this world we live in, the victims of such abusive actions are not always girls, males are victims as well. 


"Is he still alive?" I managed to ask, afraid to know about the answer. 


"I looked him up online, there was no news or records about him, but I found an article about a
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