A couple of days later, Cleopatra sat outside staring at nothing as was her usual habit. Ivan walked up to her a tray of food in his hands, he pulled a chair and sat across from her, “Cleopatra?”. She managed a small smile.

He smiled back at her. She stared intently as was as her habit since he came back. She had almost lost him. A overwhelming feeling of dread consumed her. She had been thinking a lot and it was not good.



He frowned, “I have never done this . I know it is not going to be perfect but I put in my best. When it comes to you I see myself doing things I thought I would never do all my life. He looked at the tray, “Like cook…”. 

“I can not over emphasize how much I appreciate what you do for me Ivan…”

“You know you never have to thank me for anything”, he replied. He moved the tray closer to her, “Here have something to eat&rd
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