Javaid paced back and forth, “Of course you know who I am” 



Everyone in Averna was gathered about in the square, they trembled in fear for they too had heard the tales. 



“Do not be afraid for no harm will come to you…”, he paused briefly, he and Aileen exchanged looks, then they burst into laughter. It was nice to finally find something humorous after all that had happened. It was short-lived however, his serious look came back, “Guard seize these traitors for they have lied to us!” 



The guards besot them forming a barricade around them. 



“I am the king of kings, I am the law and I am justice”, Javaid said maniacally, “And today before your very own eyes I will dish out my judgement to your leader!”, he growled, “Tie her to a stake.  They had a stake already in place
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