Ravens call

Ravens call

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A young girl is forced to face the harsh reality of life when she looses her parents at a young age and is adopted by a kind stranger who she calls grandfather. However, life is not through with her yet as she get older it throws another challenge for her. She discovers she possesses magical powers, one she has to keep a secret to protect her life in a time were such powers are rare and are only found within the elite rulers of the kingdom. With her new found powers, a revelation of her past identity and the discovery that she is from a race of powerful magical sorceresses known as the Ravens keepers and a destiny to stand against the tyrant ruler of the kingdom. Past truths will be uncovered and battles will be fought, hearts will be broken and hearts will fall in love. Will she rise above the tide and fufil her destiny ?

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Great book and well written
2023-06-04 07:22:55
56 Chapters
The memory was vivid, detailed, it was as if she was reliving the whole moment all over again. A memory that would stick with her through all of her lifetime, it was clearly not one she would quickly forget.   Her parents and her were crouched in the cramped space in their small down beaten house, their heads to the grounds, their hands above their heads. For a child she could never understand why, why it had happened, why there were even bad people in the world.   She shuddered in fright as the men barked out orders, their swords gleaming in the sunlight that shone from the opened windows. Their neighbors heard their cries definitely but they were too scared to help, anyone would have been. The men were very terrifying.   “Please do not hurt us, please I beg you”, her mother cried. Even at that age she could hear the pain in her mother’s voice. It was like
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After the unfortunate deaths of her parents she had moved in to live with Edgar, naïve, only a child and no where else to go she had held on to the man who had comforted her and she had lived with him ever since.   He was the kingdom’s physician, very skilled, each day people from afar with all kinds of ailments and afflictions trooped in to be sure by him. He was very knowledgeable about herbs and this knowledge helped him greatly. However he was also a wizard and sometimes when he encountered difficult cases and with no knowledge of what herbs to mix, he would use his magic to heal them.   Once upon a time as a child she had thought she possessed some mystical powers, it was common knowledge that she was different from the other children. If she entertained a mere thought in her head, it would manifest in reality.   As a child she had paid little or no attention to it. One
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 “And so as I child was a very brave young boy, even among my peers. I knew what I wanted and I went for it. Headstrong, purposefully, determined to clear everything on my path that stopped me from getting it”   Maids and servants scurried around noiselessly, their heads bowed as they set the dinning table.   “You are king father, you can and have always had what you wanted”, princess Aileen replied in an amused voice.   “You are so ignorant Aileen, you are never interested in history”, he took an olive from his glass and popped it in his mouth, he savored the taste on his tongue before he continued, “Father was not born a royal, all he has today he had worked for it” “Take it easy on her Cedric, Aileen is only a child”, King Javaid chided, he was a strongly built man, sturdy with a wide frame and althoug
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“Lily my dear, you have to be careful next time, so you do not hurt yourself just like you have now”, Edgar admonished lovingly.   The little girl nodded, her dark locks bouncing up and down, little hands rose up to wipe at her tear stricken face.   Lily’s mother pulled her close into a hug, “It is going to be okay my child I promise. Uncle Edgar will make you feel better very soon”, she crouched before her, holding her hands and peering with was unmistakably love in her eyes, “And of course your mother will always be here and would never leave your side” Lily smiled sweetly and although it was obvious she was in pain, she limped towards her mother covering up the space between them and hugged her.   Cleopatra sat on a stone watching from afar. Her blue eyes was clouded in emotions as she watched the pair. Her long raven black hair cascaded dow
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  Months passed like antelopes running through an open field and Edgar had kept true to his word. He had gradually taught her all she needed to know about magic. She was beginning to fall in love with that side of her much to her own surprise. Although they had to keep it concealed she could not help but sneak in one or two magic tricks when no one was looking.     “Cleo”, he handed over to her a basket of leaves, “Help me lay this out to dry, I’ll crush the powder and I will add to the new potion I am working on. There has been an outbreak recorded in Molvania and although we are yet to trace the origin of this strange disease, we must be able to curb the spread and treat the symptoms before it spreads into our lands”     She took it from his hand and nodded in understanding.     “Hopefully the scorching heat of the sun will dry them by evening”  
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“Saddle the horses and get them ready for a ride, the king and I would have need of them”, Cedric barked orders to a servant standing besides him, his head bowed.   “Yes sire!”, he scurried off immediately. Not long after the door to his large chambers opened up and Aileen strolled in.   “Cedric?”, she called out to him.   “Yes my dear sister”, he answered dryly, not sparing a glance at her, he looked into the vanity mirror and arranged his hair with his fingers.  Aileen's large brown eyes took in his appearance, “Are you going somewhere Cedric?”   “Yes as a matter of fact, father has asked me to go on a short trip with him”   Her eyes lit up, “Really? And what would you two be doing there?” &n
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      Javaid smirked.  He moved to the center of the field, he looked around the forest intently. He took a deep breath and began to twirl his hands in a rhythmic motion, his eyes were shut. It was as if a folk song was playing but only he could hear it. He stretched his hands towards a part of the forest and drew his hands towards himself. Out of that part of the forest came a man and son, holding their throats struggling for breath. They crawled on the ground towards them.  Javaid looked on in admiration at his son.  The man and his son were pushed forward by a force they could not control. Cedric brought his rhythmic dance to a halt as he brought them before the feet of his father.  “Look here father”, Cedric smiled with pride, “It was nothing to worry
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  “How was your hunting trip with father?”, Aileen rushed towards him the moment he arrived at the stables.   “Good”, he said in a cryptic manner.   “Just good?”, she inquired, “Surely there’s more?”   He didn’t say a word to her, he continued to tend to his horse Buckley. He unsaddled it and meticulously brushed his body.   Aileen was having none of it, “Come on Cedric, spill the beans already do not ignore me. You and father rarely go out leisurely, if it is not a war or…”   “Why is that?”, he cut her off harshly.   She stared at him surprisingly, she knew he merely tolerated her but never had he raised his voice at her, “Cedric…”, she called out in a whisp
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                                   ***   “You know what it is like don’t you?”, she rambled on, “It is like he is a different person. Like I don’t even know my own brother…”   Kalliste merely nodded. The walk had her listening to Aileen’s pathetic monologue and her nodding in understanding or rather pretending to nod in understanding. If Cedric had treated her badly for any reason it was most likely that she deserved it. She was not one to wish ill on anyone but Aileen deserved all the ills that came her way. She was a wicked…   “I am such a sweet person, I do not deserve to be treated like this, not by anyone let alone my own brother”, Aileen’s high pitched melodramatic voice cut through her thoughts.   
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“…she has not had anything to eat the whole day your highness. She has been tucked in bed all day, refuses to speak to anyone and we are worried. This is not her usual behavior and so I…”Ceric waved a hand at the maid to stop her from talking, “Let me see her”The guard at the door, knocked briefly, announced Cedric’s presence and opened the door to him.Cedric strolled into the chambers, his hand behind his back. His eyes strayed for a while before they settle on Kalliste who was curled up in a ball under the sheets, “Leave us alone" The maids scurried out leaving the room.Cedric walked towards the dresser and studied the candelabra, he ran his fingers tip over the smooth golden surface. He had picked it out with his mother many years ago. He managed a small smile, “What is the matter Kalliste?”She did not reply.“Wh
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