Cleopatra gingerly sipped the tea in her hand. Ever since the conversation with the lady, she had been thinking of ways to get to Ivan. Slowly days turned into weeks. Healing sessions had become a more demanding task. It took her a lot of energy and time to concentrate. It was like Ivan had left with a part of her. 



She could not exactly tell if having Ivan over would help her concentrate but she did know she was awfully inefficient without her. After all he was always on her mind and when she was not seeing Edgar in her dreams, she was seeing Ivan. 



She knew her feelings for him were going haywire, the thought of him sent a tingling sensation through out her whole body. Edgar was right, Ivan was right and so was the old lady. She had to be a happy first before she could bring happiness into other people’s lives. 



She feared that Ivan might have gotten over her, she hadn&rsquo
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