3. The News

Be patient. You’ll see the light soon.

Be patient. The end is just around the corner.

Not much more to wait.

Here it comes,

RING! All of the school's bells lazily drawled in unison.

Finally, I exclaimed inwardly.

That final bell had been torturing me, it seemed that it couldn’t come soon enough and I was more than eager to be out of the classroom; out of the freaking school, and far, far away from this irritating, blue-eyed, raven-haired guy sitting right beside me. His eyes that had been practically boring holes in the side of my face for what felt like ages would probably haunt me in my dreams tonight.

What was it with him and the staring? Continuously staring! It was getting creepy. I was starting to wonder whether I did anything at all to deserve this. I might have lied a couple of times – give or take – but that was no reason surely.

Of course, I’m no saint, but isn’t this a really tough punishment for a sin I can’t even remember doing? I don’t want to be stalked, not even if he looked like Brad Pitt.

My musings were getting out of the control; at times like this I could only wish we –humans– didn’t have the faculty to talk to ourselves mentally… Can’t the brain just shut up? You could use a rest, buddy!

I was storming out of the room when he caught my hand. Instantly, I felt like little shocks going under my skin, not the same you get when being electrified –and I should know since I’ve experienced that; blame the curiosity. They were rather pleasant, I had to admit.

I heard him sniff the air, and that was what made me recover my senses and pull my hand back. What is it? I had showered this morning; I can’t possibly stink, can I?  I internally shook my head at my silliness then glared his way.

“What is it that you want, Johnny?” I could barely hold back the laughter bubbling inside of me at the face he pulled when I mimicked Samantha in calling him that.

“I… Err… do you think we could hang out later?” Who would have thought that the player could look like a nervous virgin? If the looks and the attitude were any indication, then nothing could be further from the truth.

But damn! Isn’t he a good actor? I thought, mid-amused, mid-irritated. That’s probably one of the necessary assets to be the ultimate player of the school.

“No can do,” I declined nonchalantly and was going to leave when I heard him question me again “Why?”

I wanted to shout, “Why do you care anyway?” but I couldn’t make a scene right then, right there. What, in front of all the students who were intently watching our exchange? I think I’ll pass.

I managed to tell him in a calm voice, “I already have plans with Seth.” It was not merely an excuse; we had agreed a week ago to meet with some friends from our old school.

You see, we both went to the same schools; the difference was that I skipped a grade whereas he didn’t. That just meant I’d been in the school for a year longer than him; I was a senior and he was a junior. We were way too close as friends to feel comfortable having a big distance in between us, and that was the main reason why he worked his ass off to get in this school by merit. He, too, had joined it thanks to a scholarship.

“That blonde guy?” I heard him hiss through clenched teeth. I narrowed my eyes at him briefly before turning on my heels and getting out of there.

I have to keep my nerves under control. And most of the time, it was not that hard. Around him, however, being provoked like that, it seemed that it was all I could do to know when I was about to blow up and manage to retreat in consequence.

The realization unsettled me. I chose to think about something different – admittedly, it was not entirely different.

What the hell was his problem? He was getting to me, and normally, no one would. Besides, what were those tingles I felt at his touch? I could swear I’ve read about that somewhere. Sadly enough, I couldn’t bring myself to remember.

“Hey, ready to go?” Seth’s voice cut the trail of thoughts I was drowning in. I hummed and headed directly to his car, he was striding along silently and that was not like him.

“What is it?” I asked him when we were finally on the road.

“What?” he asked innocently, still looking straight ahead.

“Don’t what me. Spill!” I shot him a sideways glare and he squirmed in his seat a little. Boy, I loved the effect a simple glare could have on him. I just knew him too well.

“You’re not going to like this,” he told me gravely.

“Just tell me already,” I commanded in a harsh tone. He knew that the best way to tick me off was to keep something from me; yet here he was delaying the supposedly bad news.

He slightly winced at my tone but, knowing he was in the wrong, said nothing about that; instead he finally blurted out, “The new guy is a werewolf.”

My eyes widened and my breath caught in my throat. No way, how was that possible? There was a pack here already, so it was not likely that he had moved along with his pack. He might be a rogue, but that would mean that he had crossed the Sunshine’s pack’s territory without permission.

That can’t be it! They were nowhere near careless werewolves; they would have noticed him soon enough.

Maybe he was simply a loner?

My shoulders tensed and my spine went rigid all of a sudden when I remembered where I had read about those tingles – grandma’s ancient history book. It had covered all of the mystical creatures. There was a full page, in the werewolves’ chapter, speaking about mates.

I groaned, and Seth glanced briefly my way silently asking me what the matter was.

“I think I’m that jerk’s mate,” I told him, my voice clearly showing my frustration.

His eyes bulged, and we were soon parking on the side of the road.

“No way!” He exclaimed looking like he was about to hyperventilate.

“Yes way,” Probably not the best moment to be sarcastic but hey, bear with me, will you? I was trying to process the news.

“You can’t be compatible,” he breathed out in a whisper.

I pinched the bridge of my nose trying to keep the anger at bay; it wasn’t of a big help. “I know,” I stated flatly, giving him a pointed look.

“What a mess!” he sighed getting frustrated.

Yeah, tell me about it, I wanted to scoff but refrained from doing so and kept silent.

“We could cancel with the guys,” he offered softly after a deafening silence that had paralyzed us for nearly ten minutes.

“Nah,” I even gave him a wave of hand in dismissal. He looked at me quizzically therefore I continued, “The mess will be here tomorrow, we’ll deal with it in due time. Besides, I miss them.”

He nodded understandingly, put the ignition key back in, and we were soon heading to our previously arranged meeting place.

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Leslie Williams
So is Jasmine a wolf too and Seth? He said she isn't compatible, how so?

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