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"Love me or hate me, either way I'm already on your mind. I win. You lose."***As the Alpha King of all werewolves and lycans, Aero needed to be fair to all. He ruled with an iron fist, a steady head and a balanced emotion. He was perfect in everything except for one. He had issues with the opposite sex. Since a child, he hated women. He never liked them and always avoided them. However, what if a woman suddenly materialized on his bed just as he was about to sleep? How could he avoid her then?***Genre: Werewolf Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure***Status: Complete***All Rights Reserved***JMFelic Books 2020***Official Published Book Cover

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The Alpha King's Claim is a romance fantasy novel about a headstrong Alpha named Aero. Since childhood, he hated women. Aero is not interested in finding a mate. However, one day a lovely girl named Serena came into his life. She made him feel emotions like never before. But Aero is a proud Alpha. He is the lord of Werewolves and Lycans who never needs anyone. He refuses to give in to his feelings. And yet, every time he sees Serena, he cannot ignore her. Is the powerful and arrogant Alpha having a change of heart? 

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I originally read this one on a different reading app and absolutely LOVED it! By far, still one of my favorite stories. I re-read it on here. Not like all of the other same story line shifter stories.
2024-02-24 23:15:56
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Easily one of my fave fantasy reads. The character development of the ML is just *chef's kiss* The plot, the setting, the characters... Everything about this story pulled me right in. I'm really looking forward to reading Lord Hale's and the triplets' story! Keep up the good work!
2023-11-12 09:54:31
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this story literally took my breath away. I love love love it!!
2023-08-20 03:08:33
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Nikki Cannella
I have read this 3 times since it came out. I just keep coming back to it! This EPIC Novel has everything I want in a story! By far the BEST Paranormal Werewolf/Lycan/Fae Love story!
2023-07-20 04:46:38
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Aya Sobhi
when will the triplets book be out by the way this book was amazing I can't wait for the triplets book
2023-06-12 19:05:23
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Mutiat Jimoh
Everything about the storyline is interesting
2023-03-29 12:24:36
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Such a refreshing take on the werewolf genere. The female lead is humorous and strong. Male is growly and acts mean, but he is secretly unsure of himself.
2022-12-12 09:27:39
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skipper max
nice story good plot
2022-09-27 04:16:26
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Peyton Manning
i would give my right kidney if i could read this again for the first time, i love this book so much
2022-09-12 21:28:50
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Macy Campbell
I love this book
2022-07-14 06:25:46
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lucy Afful
even though am yet to read this book, I know I won't be disappointed. JMFelic is just too grt at writing. am trying to follow u on every reading app
2022-07-04 07:32:43
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Is this the same book as Breaking The Alpha King?
2022-06-09 01:39:28
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Absolutely love this book.
2022-04-01 21:45:25
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K Meas-Truong
I love this novel. JM Felic does a great job with this fantasy, intertwining carious worlds. None of it is muddled & the character personas are consistent. I highly recommend.
2022-01-26 09:31:59
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will book 2 be released in paperback too?
2022-01-09 06:48:05
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152 Chapters
< Serena > Paintings. I always love them. Whenever there was an art show near Manhattan, I make it a point to go, check the artworks and possibly buy one. Or two. Or three of them. What I look for in a painting are the strokes the painter uses, the use of colors and how they blend in with the picture in general, and of course, the drawing. I’m a sucker for fantasy-inspired paintings. Fantastical landscapes, still pictures, mythical creatures, men and women wearing weird clothing, oh yes. I collect them all. They always reach out to a part of my soul that I had been guarding since I lost my parents. They always call out to a part of me that I’m not sure what. Maybe, my parents as painters could be a reason. They influenced my tastes after all. But deep inside me, I knew there was always something special about these type of paintings that I could
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Chapter 1 - Meet the King
< Aero > On his deathbed, my father gave the crown to me, but he let me promise that I’d get a queen in the next three days. Three fucking days. Of course, considering he was dying and that I desired the throne all my life, I had to agree, but deep inside me, I knew I was lying. Fast forward ten years later, I still didn’t fulfill his wish and not a ounce of guilt crept inside my mind. I hated women. All of them in general. And that p
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Chapter 2 - Big, Bad Wolf
< Serena >   I woke up surprisingly without a pounding headache despite remembering I lost consciousness in the middle of a balcony—the so-called King’s balcony no less. I should have hit the ground, gained a concussion or maybe broken my spine, but I felt as healthy as I was before all this hullabaloo started. Either the balcony had seriously soft ground or my fall was cut—I couldn’t really remember what happened after I lost consciousness, but either way, it was to my advantage. All memories of over the last few hours—or minutes? or days? I don’t really know—had returned to me like a flo
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Chapter 3 - Getting Wet with the King's ___
< Aero >The Kingdom of Phanteon is vast and grand. Naturally, I would place watch towers in every boundary to make sure our land was well-guarded. In addition, I ordered guards to make rounds every hour day and night. The realms have had nothing but peace ever since it was created, but it pays to be vigilant sometimes.My men were doing well with their duties, but being the King that I am, I also preferred to check the lands from time to time, be outside the castle and see if everything was in order.Evenings were my best times to shift into my lycan form. I’d run all over the kingdom, sometimes not stopping for hours until dawn hits the horizon. It was my way of keeping up with my form and stamina. I found running exhilarating and I found it a good way to de-stress from the dramas of my court.Like for example, in this very night where I just found out my crown was under threat.
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Chapter 4 - Getting Down to Business
< Aero >My muscles tensed when I straightened up, standing proud and mighty with all my glory and nakedness. I looked at her. She was still not facing me, acting as if the pool’s bleach-white tiles were interesting.I scoffed at her inattention.All two hundred and twenty pounds of my weight submerged under water when I entered the pool. I choose to sit on the lowest platform. My favorite spot. It had enough height for me to rest my head against the tiles and an enough depth to soak the lower half of my body.“Tell me, woman, what is my brother up to?” I asked, breaking the terse silence enveloping us.She cautiously glanced towards my way and when she noticed my decent-enough look, she fully turned her face to me and answered, “He is hiring me to straighten you up. Desensitize you from your fear of women.”“I don’t fear women. I hate them. Those two words ar
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Chapter 5 - Getting Laid
< Serena >Lesson number one duly noted. Don’t assume or miscalculate anything when it came to this realm’s creatures of the night.Right when the prince hightailed out of the room, I remained dumbstruck, thinking of how fast the events were happening. He made a deal. I accepted. And now I couldn’t leave this manor despite the looming arrival of the King.Truth be told I didn’t want to meet him again, but my desire to return to the ‘human realm’—as what they called it—outweighed my dislike of this guy. I only needed to talk to him in a civil manner, keep my presence constant until he learns to respect women.Or...until Elijah brings me back to my realm.Never mind the King respecting women. With that ogre-like attitude, I highly doubt he’d change. Ever.Blinking fast, I gathered back my composure and looked around. Out of all the things that
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Chapter 6 - Becoming His Queen
< Serena >The cheers of the people around me were deafening. I wanted to cover my ears but I knew I couldn't. Standing tall on a raised platform near the King's throne, I realized I had to comport myself well in front of them as I was now their queen.Me a queen...Their queen...A queen.The word rang in my head over and over again.How did it come to this again? I asked myself.With a muddled head, I recollected everything that went down when I woke up that specific morning two days ago...***"Sleep well?" the King asked, his sharp voice cutting through the beautiful chirping of the birds outside my window.My drowsy state vanished in an instant He was wearing a loose white shirt and partnered it with black trousers and black boots. His dark hair was messy in a sexy w
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Chapter 7 - The King and His Big Ego
< Aero >I knew she would accept my offer. It was too good an opportunity to pass. I was so pleased with how well everything was going that a small smile broke from the corner of my lips when I left her chamber.Oddly enough, my beast side was howling with delight. I didn’t understand why it was behaving that way but I assumed it was happy to be in control with my throne once again.The council will have a hell of a time when they find out I’ll marry in two days. They’ll bombard me surely with talks of pups and heirs. I’ll indulge them for now, until the day I’ll kick that woman out of my castle door.I didn’t have the intention to spend the next two days with her. It was unnecessary even if she would become my wife and queen. I stayed inside the castle and did what I usually do as king.Elijah was helping me on the preparations, or to speak frankly, he did all the preparations. I care not a d
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Chapter 8 - An Unexpected Development
< Aero >   My jaw tensed at the temper simmering inside me. I had no desire to hold a woman’s hand, but I didn’t have a choice. I had to keep up appearances. The bride, however, lifted her hands up without a second thought and waited for me to hold it. When the high priest cleared his throat, that was when I realized I hadn’t actually moved yet. With a deep breath to settle my developing temper, I accepted her hands, enveloping them with my large palm. “Your Majesty, you may now say your vows,” the old man stated. I gave him an arched brow. What did he say again? “Start with your bride’s name, Your Majesty, and say your vows loudly for all to hear,” he reminded. I had to take another deep breath to control the growing turmoil inside me. Fuck! Why must there be
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Chapter 9 - A Euphoric Feeling
< Serena >I sat stiffly on my seat whilst looking down on the celebration in front of me. Every guest were laughing and lively and really enjoying the moment. I envied them. This was exactly what I envisioned my wedding reception to be, but unfortunately, I married the wrong man.That aforementioned wrong man sat next to me, on his throne that looked very striking. It was literally an enormous head of an animal—a wolf most likely—with its mouth filled with serrated teeth and opened wide to accommodate my husband's royal butt.Ever since the wedding ceremony ended, he had been sporting a rather unreadable expression on his face. It was not a scowl or a frown. Just a blank face. He would show a smile when needed, but I knew he was just faking it like I was.I clearly remembered everything that went down on that ceremony. I remembered the bright light in the form of chains and how it left a
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