Chapter - 11

Kashvi's Pov.:-

" It's time to go... Kashvi!!! " I hear him screaming my name in horror bleeding my ears.

I trembled due to his sudden voice and more by his loud screaming. Due to this my body imbalanced half laying posture in shock causing my hands to fall forward as they were balancing my upper body is leaning on the window wall and my legs downward by which I was standing but not anymore as I fall hard on the floor.

I was before the opened window which I opened when he had left the room leaning my lower body on the window wall and hanging my upper body out of the window to get the fresh air as the room was suffocating me.

However, my relaxing and peaceful moments crumbled down by his presence again as He rushed to me only to pull me to him.

He hugged me so tightly to block my every system, not letting them work.

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