Falling In Love With Devil

Falling In Love With Devil

By:  Flying Soul 🦋  Ongoing
Language: English
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“You fucking bitch, I told you to stay here, and I will think about what I can do for you to not assassinate you, but you're just being a bitch” He yelled and turn my back like always I did whenever I was punished by a stick. "Bitch” He yelled throwing stick after stick, I felt my body turn numb getting to continue beating. “This time I won't let it go easily” He yelled, tearing my cloth. My body jerked back, his cold hand roamed my back. “I teach you today what happens when you just disobey my single command,” He said, turning me, removing a thin cloth from my body. "No, Liam" I screamed. “Why, It was always meant to be mine. Right?” His face had an evil smirk on. “Please no, Liam. Not like that…” I whispered, hugging myself with my hand hiding my naked self from his burning eyes. “No Amber… This will only happen like this, You fucking bitch tried to deceive me” He said, taking a fistful of my hair with enough grip to make me cry. “I won't do that again, Promise,” I said showing him my pinky finger like always we seal our promise. “Amber…” He sighed, like controlling himself. “Promise…” He said, taking my pinky finger with his finger. “This time promise will be sealed with my way baby” He smirked, bending my pinky finger. His eyes were like some beast that just want to hurt someone so badly. Author Note : This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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“Please Liam. Don't” I trailed off looking at his burning eyes.“You think you can run off” He yelled. His hand curing around the stick. My heart was thumping against my chest, fear was crawling into my heart.“I am sorry, Liam, Please don't,” I begged joining my hand. Pleading to him with my fear full eyes to not beat me.“Now scared” He laughed.“I won't be ever…” I cut off and a scream echoed in an abandoned place. The burning skin on my shoulder told me it was my scream.“Sorry, Sorry, sorry Liam” I cried trying to dodge his sticks.“You fucking bitch, I told you to stay here, and I will think about what I can do for you to not assassinate you, but you're just being a bitch” He yelled and turn my back like always I did in my childhood whenever I was punished by a stick."Bitch” He yelled throwing stick after stick, I felt my body turn numb getting to continue beating.“This time I won't let it go easily” He yelled, tearing my cloth. My body jerked back, and his cold hand roamed my
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Chapter 1
I was feeling like I am stuck under the cave. Everything was dark, My breathing running fast like I was running from someone and got stuck in a cage. I wanted to see a little light, A light of hope, A light to snatch this darkness away from me. My leg slipped, and I found myself underwater, trying to breathe but drowning miserably, unable to get little oxygen to breathe “Help!!!! “ I yelled and opened my eyes. The sudden light was itching in my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and again opened them and found myself in bed. Everything was white, White bed, white curtain, and smell of antiseptic. The wire connects to my hand and tells me I am in the hospital. I touched my face and body there was no injury, then why am I here?“What am I doing here?” I asked myself. I was busy finding a way to ask someone and remove this injection from my hand, but the door opened a little. A girl in a pink uniform came inside, but she was startled looking at me and after some time she gave me a big smile like sh
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Chapter 2
Flashback “Professor Martin asked to collect notes,” A boy little boy asked, standing at the school admin office.“Yes, Come here" Mrs. July, the admin officer of the school smiled looking at the little boy who joined the school six months ago.“Take this” She gave a bundle of papers to him and He nodded.“Hello ma'am, Where is Sir Martin's lecture,” A girly voice asked behind the boy.“You are a New admission here,” Mrs. July asked.“Yes…” She replied smiling at her.“Liam, take her to your class. She is a new admission in your grade” Mrs. July said, and the boy nodded without any expression.“Hello, I am Amber”, She said, following him, but he ignored her as he does for everyone.“May I come in?” She asked entering before class, whereas the boy just entered, putting a bundle of notes on the table before sitting at his desk.“Yes,” Professor Martin said.“You are new here,” Professor Martin asked.“Yes…” She smiled, giving a paper of the new admission. “Ok, Seat,” Professor said lo
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Chapter 3
“Are you ready ma'am "Another person adjusting glasses on his eyes asked.“Who are you?” I asked.“Ma'am, I am Ivan sir's secretary” He introduced.“Where is he?” I asked.“He is waiting for you outside,” He said, and I nodded.We left the VIP room, and he was standing with the doctor. When he saw coming me out of the room. He shook hands with him and come to me.“Let's go, baby,” He said, putting his hand on my back. I tried to step away from his touch, but his grip tightened like he knows I will be back away.“Leave….” I whispered.“Stop behaving like I am some stranger” He whispered.“I do not….” He cut me off.“Nick, Everything is arranged,” He asked.“Yes Boss” He replied, and we entered the elevator.“Nick, I want some time with my wife,” He said, and Nick stood at the door. Once the door closed he pinned me near the wall” What are you doing” I yelled, A chill run down my spine looking at his darkened eyes, and yellow turned to gold.“What are you doing, Amber,” He asked back.
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Chapter 4
***Trigger Warning, Dark scene*****Flash Back“Bye Liam,” Amber said, running away from him.“Listen, Amber, I know you are hiding it” He yelled from behind.Now they are in high school and she is still his friend despite him being an asshole every so often.“No, I am not hiding anything” She yelled back, still giggling.“Amber…” He huffed.“Let me drop you,” He said, trying to buy some time and know what she has brought for him for his birthday.“No, I will go walking” She smirked, knowing his trick.“Don't be too smart” He snapped.“I am the smartest one” She ignored his sore mood and laughed.“Do know what happened with the smartest people,” He said calmly looking at her confused face. He knew she was feeling his aura getting dark. Whenever he gets angry he behaves strangely and it only scares her.“Liam, You are scaring me,” She said, backing away.“Not so smart.” He mocked, but before she can revert, They heard Clayton's voice from behind.“Liam, We are getting late for training
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Chapter 5
“What are you doing here” I snapped looking at him. He stood at the door not even flinching at my yelling, and then I noticed his darken eyes. The mirror view," Fuck” I mentally yelled and turned around to look at the floor.“Go away” I yelled.Instead of going back, I heard his footsteps coming toward me. “ Go….” I yelled.“Do you want me to leave” He whispers in my ear, his voice huskily laced with lust I took a glance at his face through the mirror view, and he had a smirk on his face “Ohh God” I yelled in my mind, My back is completely naked but at least covered with my hair. His warm breath caressed my nape while my heart was racing with his warm body covering my bare skin.“Yes, Go !!! Right away” I said looking at him through the mirror, but his arms sneak around my stomach caging me in his arms.“This is also my room,” He said.“What, !!!” I asked, looking at him with my big eyes.“Husband and wife always stay in one room” He chuckled looking at me.“There is no proof of us be
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Chapter 6
Flashback“Are you coming to camp?” Liam asked while walking with Amber.“Yes…” She replied while smiling.“Sister Jenny allowed,” He asked, arching his brows.“I lied Liam” She stood on her toes and whispered in his ear making sure no one heard her.“What…” He asked, smiling at her.“This camp has social causes and I will get a grade as per my performance in camp” She replied.“Good… So, you are coming” He said smiling ear to ear.“Did you buy cloth for camp?” He asked, sitting with one of the batches in the school garden.“I have cloth, Liam,” She replied, sitting beside him.“Proper cloth” He questions.“Yes, a Few days back orphanages got donations, and Sister Jenny borough a few clothes for me,” She said.“How many times I have told you not to wear used cloth” He snapped.“Liam” She huffed and continued "They are new cloth has a tag on them” “You are not lying,” He asked.“Yes.” She pouts.“Ok, Do you want to buy something,” He asked.“No, I have money to buy, but…_” She trailed
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Chapter 7
Ivan POV.*” You know I was crying, but you still left, leaving me alone”*I read her message once I land in the city. Every so often I feel, she didn't forget her memory. The way she is demanding, complaining, and sometimes ignoring me like everything was normal back days. Just my mere touch and breath turn fast like the old days. “Does she pretend or forget her memory” A question popped into my mind, but if she remembered everything, why would she not complain about what I did to her?“Boss, we reached,” Nick said once we reached the mansion.“We are going back in the morning,” I said before going out of the car.“Yes Boss” He nodded.I directly went to the room and meet Tina because she couldn't be fucking control herself to irritate me. She had called numerous times in the last fucking two hours.“What was so urgent that you can't wait for the morning” I snapped at Tina entering the room.“You left at our anniversary dinner and came after two days back and asked what was urgent” S
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Chapter 8
FlashbackAmber was seating on the beach, looking at everyone swimming on the beach. She was drinking coconut water and getting a sun bath while Liam was on the beach getting himself soaked in the water showing his muscular body to everyone. The girl was drooling at the boys, and the boys enjoying girls in bikinis. Everyone knows tonight they will get all fun before the graduation ceremony. Only left two months for them to graduate from secondary school, and after they go for bachelors or specialization courses. The day was over a long time ago, but they all are still enjoying the beach view, a few changed, and a few are still in bikinis and shorts playing around.“Where is your bikini,” Alisha asked. It was almost dark in the evening and she was looking at Amber with a knowing gaze. She changed into hot shorts and a tube top wearing long shrugs on it making sure to look simple and belong to the crowd at the same, but she was only in cloth and everyone was in bikinis.“I was uncomfort
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Chapter 9
Amber POV“Don't talk to me," I said, looking away from the phone. He was looking at me through video call.“Baby listen.” He tried to explain.“Don't call me baby” I turned to look into his eyes, glaring at him replied while he was smiling.“I will be back tomorrow,” He said adjusting his hair.“No, stay in your office. Do not come here” I retorted. He was saying from the last two weeks but he is still in Canada.“Will you be able to sleep?” He asked, hiding his smirk.“Stop giving me that look” I snapped “I will be back tomorrow and take you on a dinner date,” He said, and I was just looking at him. He never told me that he will take me out in the last two weeks whenever he said he will be back.“Are you coming tomorrow?” I asked with hopeful eyes. I know I do not trust him completely, but after speaking with him over the last month, I have started believing in him. He didn't visit me for the last month, but he never forgot to call me and make sure I sleep during his call. He alway
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