Chapter 23

Damn! I cursed the crossway when I saw the red. Being a Doctor when I myself didn't follow traffic rules, my education is fruitless for society. My eyes darted to the grey clouds rattling the sky. What the hell is wrong with these grey clouds? It's been all bright and sunny and now there are black clouds. This can potentially be the reason for the bitches to stay back in our house. Though this is not our house this is fuxking insane to have the bitxhs walk around to fuxk us. I was in the middle of the road driving to my penthouse for the party. I was already late as I was immersed in reports. Soon harsh drops of rain crashed into the land. The lads had been blaring my phone and this stuck-up rain decided to garnish my mess. The road was deserted since the winds were gusting with great force amid the pouring. I watched the little drops tripping down one by one on the window pane. The weather was cosy for the couples who were smooching inside the Baskin

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