He Knew She Was Trouble When She Walked In

He Knew She Was Trouble When She Walked In

By:  Apple Kid  Ongoing
Language: English
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Arianna Reynolds, second year med school student of King's University attracts the hottest player to ever exsist in the city of London, Damon King, who practices his internal training for cardiology. She was betwichingly gorgeous, and alluringly innocent. A perfect angel with good grades and a little devil who loves chaos. Damon King, the most arrogant badboy and the most cruel heartbreaker. His world toppled when she entered all in her glory as his junior. She excited him, and challenged him when she acted blind to his charms. His excitement turned to anger when she punched him. He was evrything she hated in a guy. Nonetheless, she found him slowly changing for her. Her brown orbs always seemed to tempt his heart with whirlpool of exotic emotions and he was sucked into it when ever she locked his gaze with him. ------------- "You are mine Ria," he yelled slamming her onto the nearby locker. "No," she deadpanned with annoyance. "I love you," he confessed nearning her petite figure, invading her personal space. Her breath clogged for a second as she was stunned with his confession. Her eyes hardened again when she said," No, you wanna play with me." Pushing him back lightly she looked away. "I need you Ria, trust me. It's no sick game of mine. I am had over heels for you. Please, just give me a chance," he begged her with moist eyes, closing the distance again. Her stance grew guarded as the cruel heart breaker was confessing with vehement emotions stirring in his eyes. "Prove that your intentions are true," she said pushing him back from her personal space. Leaving him drown in her thoughts, she walked away from him. "You are mine Ria. I will prove myself worthy of your love. You belong only to me," he promised to himself watching her retreating figure.

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The start is super cool. Not really cliche and entertaining with new leaf ideas. Waiting to see how it proceeds.
2021-08-25 13:40:28
46 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Narration   Three girls were strolling in one of the biggest malls in London. Arianna Charlotte Reynolds, the 18 year old med school student was long lost into the magical world of black dresses. Her little sister, Rosalina stood with Arianna's best friend Thea, who was choosing random dresses for her best friend's little sister. "This will be very pretty on you my munchkin," cooed Thea looking at the blue dress.  Rosalina loved the blue dress that had little frills at the end. It gave her a princess aura as she giggled looking at an excited Thea, who was talking about how beautiful she'll look if she wears it. Rosalina's smile flattened when she found her sister lost in her own world. Thea followed her gaze and shook her head in disbelief. There was no pie
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Chapter 2
 Damon King  Parking my Lambo in the college parking lot of my university campus, I slipped out with my sunglasses on. As soon as I set my foot out, girls hollard my name, making me smirk. The crowd could easily make out it was none other than Damon King, who had his very own squad for escort. I made my way inside with lots of girls escorting me. They were squealing upon seeing me, while I just passed them an arrogant smirk. Girls never change. That was the attention I got wherever I went. I don't have to try anything to make girls sweat over my presence, just one look from me to make them worship the place I walk.  Of course they will, because it's ME, Damon King. The guy who could get anything in a snap of his fingers. My feet moved on it's own towards the assembly hall. The hall was a
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 " Come on Damon, this was just a debate. And trust me mate, everyone else in the auditorium were talking only about you, cause when others would go off to another planet to have an argument with her, you lasted for 5 minutes," said Levi, making Damon shoot daggers his way. He still can't get over the fact that he actually lost to Arianna Reynolds. The experience was very new and amusing to him that a girl actually won against him. Not any girl because it's Arianna. He wanted to hit himself with the rock because he could not apprehend his thoughts right at the moment. Her words rang in his ears though it's been more than an hour.  "Come on Damon, enlighten me with your feelings," she said, smiling at him. Though that smile
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Arianna Reynolds   I walked into my classroom and banged the door behind me. The rage that ran through my veins made me wanna strangle the sadistic jerk who could not accept his failure. Who the crap he thinks he is to act like a moron to me? The abhorrence in his voice and his choice of words reflected his hate. It was him to behave like a douche to me and yet he has the nerve of continuing to be one. I told Thea to meet me at home cause I don't think I would stay in control the next time I see his face. At least not today. Time skip    Mid night 11:42 p.m.   I could not rest my eyes to sleep because his words were running at the back of his head. Though I did give hi
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Chapter 5
  Damon King   I fucking can't get over the fact that she ignored me.   Come on Damon, you were practically being a git to her yesterday outta blue then you expect her to spare you a glance?   Are you seriously in your mind? my brain spat angrily.         I was sitting outside the pool with water dripping from my body. I had been swimming for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes to fade my frustration, nevertheless it was shooting up. Albeit knowing what I am doing is not what I supposedly am doing, my mind played it badly with me. I could not take the ignorance of Aria Reynolds for crying out loud.        It was actually true. I didn't know why I behaved like a prick to her that cost me my sleep. It was her innocent face that can drive anybody to the brink of sanity. The scrunched up look of hurt on her f
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Chapter 6
Sipping up the drink I made my way out smirking when I saw my lads who stood with their mouth ajar. A low laugh escaped my lips when I reminisceù their lost expression. They would have never expected that! Just then Noah's smirk hit the back of my head. The look he passed me said he knew I had something for her. Well, I was an open book to him.    My collar swayed with the gusting wind, a feel of serenity exploded my body when a calming scent reached my senses. The sudden shift in my heart pace made me look around. I quickened my steps, and I rushed to the garden when I saw Ria walking there. She had this unique scent of fresh rain and faint roses in the woods that gave me strange peace. Handing my glass to the waiter who passed by, I gave my hair a quick set with my hands roughly still walking. "Tousled or gelled, Damon never needs a check about his looks but with Ria he needs to set an impression," my heart derived its theory. Walking into the garden, I s
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Chapter 7
Author's POV  The lads soon took their leave. Damon's out of blue confession left them scratch their heads in sheer astonishment. Withdrawing from the game, they looked out for him when he ignored their calls.  "Why the hell does he use the damn thing when he can never answer us?" Snubbed Theodare.  "Come on Theo, you know he always puts it on silent mode," Noah took a stand for Damon.  "This is not fair! He is on our throat when we miss his calls," complained Theo like a toddler.  "That's what makes him Damon. The arrogant git," replied Levi, making others chuckle.  "You're right," agreed Theo, finally giving in.  "Let's go this way," said Noah.   "But that leads us to the garden," croaked out a confus
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Chapter 8
Arianna Reynolds  "Rise and shine," I heard the annoying screech of Anna.   " Get out girl!" I huffed digging my face deeper into the pillow. I had been the worst addict of oh my, oh my comfy mattress. And the last incidents of the jerk with magical grey orbs drove my beauty sleep far away from my reach. When I hardly showed signs of getting up from my lovely bed Anna jumped onto me like a junglee. My poor figure cocooned underneath my fluffy duvet felt like crumbling under a giant truck. This witch I called myself as my bestie was lying on my back with her face leaning onto my covered ears. I knew what was gonna happen the next moment. Precautioned I turned on my back with all my energy, and started hitting this terrible goose with my pillows. I was whining like a kid in a half sleepy state. My hits turned aggressive when she was laughing like a hyena.   " Hey! Gi
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Chapter 9
"Excuse me? You got the wrong person," I replied with a genuine, confused expression.  "Just because Damon said he wants to date you doesn't push me out of his frame. He is mine, so don't play this I-am-hard-go-get-girl card with my guy. It's me who is gonna win him, better stay at your place,"she warned with rage erupting in her green eyes."I am not interested in any of your funny claims, nor that I know about Damon's words --- she cut me off with a gasp yelling," Stop pretending! Anna was there in the crowd last night. Didn't your bestie tell you?"I didn't glance at Anna or pretend that I was angry. Because in reality I was not. I chuckled before replying, "Listen up kid. There are 1000's of guys in this university dreaming about me to be their gir
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Chapter 10
Damon King  I was restless with the past night's incidents. Her fragrance was lingering around me, reminding me of her closeness and her angry cute face. There was this surprising warming up of my heart this night. Never in my life have I plopped onto my bed without a shower here I am rolling on my bed with a massive grin. Unexplained happiness crashing at me in waves, pleasure seeping my veins.   I usually never hit my bed without a shower because I spend most of my nights screwing girls. I detested getting to bed with a girl's scent roaming all over me. To have my sheets smell like them, I never get to bed without shower. Their perfume around me made me puke. It's weird to know that out of all the girls I screwed I wanted the scent of the girl who punched me. The arrogant teenager's fragrance calmed my irked insides. There was warmth when I inhaled her scent. Sleep never invites me in without pills but today
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