He Knew She Was Trouble When She Walked In
He Knew She Was Trouble When She Walked In
Author: Apple Kid

Chapter 1


Three girls were strolling in one of the biggest malls in London. Arianna Charlotte Reynolds, the 18 year old med school student was long lost into the magical world of black dresses. Her little sister, Rosalina stood with Arianna's best friend Thea, who was choosing random dresses for her best friend's little sister. 

"This will be very pretty on you my munchkin," cooed Thea looking at the blue dress. 

Rosalina loved the blue dress that had little frills at the end. It gave her a princess aura as she giggled looking at an excited Thea, who was talking about how beautiful she'll look if she wears it. Rosalina's smile flattened when she found her sister lost in her own world. Thea followed her gaze and shook her head in disbelief. There was no piece of black clothing that didn't exist in her closet yet she came all the way to the mall just reloading them with the same thing. What kind of girl she is, thought Thea to herself.

"Roo, look at your sister. Plausible black colour dresses in this entire store would be in your sister's hand," huffed Thea to a 10 year old Rosalina who was innocently licking her candy, looking at Arianna's hand. She could not disagree with Anna, as her sister was a hardcore lover of black since childhood.

Even when Arianna was a toddler, she was always attracted to black while other girls were dressed with vibrant colours. Either she would choose black, white or red like they are the only colours to ever exist in history in her teens. 

"Lets knock some sense into our saviour black Angel," announced Thea, and made her way towards her best friend Arianna, who was seriously investigating between two bodycon dresses. Among them, one was obviously black and the other was navy blue. Thea and Rosalina looked at each other as they knew what she would pick. Nonetheless, her being into serious thoughts about choosing the black dress made them shoot her a poker look. It wasn't surprising when she chose the black bodycon dress with so much thinking.

Rocket science!

"Ari you seriously colour blind to other colours?" asked Thea as she folded her arms to her chest.

"What?" Asked Arianna, completely clueless of what her bestie was trying to imply.

"In this whole store, look at your hand filled with every black cloth possible. Are you working for any undercover operations or sort of detective like MIB or something? Act like a girl for once in a lifetime Ms. Reynolds," huffed 

Thea rolling her eyes.

Tomorrow was the Annual fest of their college. They were in their 2nd year med school. Thea wanted them to have a vibrant start, nevertheless, Arianna was mission impossible. Of course black is hot, but when she practically see's her best friend all time in her detective clothes, made her face palm herself. 

"It's not that Thea. Ari doesn't know how to pronounce any other colour other than black. That is why she is always going with them. She is related to the devil Thea like you said," said her little sister Rosalina licking her candy, battling her eyes innocently, at her glaring sister. Thea had fed Rosalina with stories where Ari was someone close to the devil and that is why she always wears black dress. She told this to Rosalina when Arianna  mocked both her sister and best friend as unicorns when they wore pink floral dresses.

"Greet your self back with such mocking Ms. Williamson. See, I had also got red and white?" She said searching pointing at the other two clothes which were minimum in number. While her black tops would fit into a closet, they hardly fill a rack.

" And, you lil monkey. Why? Can't you identify red and white? You dare to talk to your si--- she was cut off by the overprotective Thea, who was always the knight shining in armour of Rosalina. 

" Woah missy, don't you dare throw your threat on my munchkin. We forgot to add that you have the taste of a devil. Cause, everything that attracts evil attracts you. Walking trouble!" saying this Thea fled taking a giggling Rosalina out of the shop.

" Very mean demons," muttering this she paid the bill as she exited the Gucci shop looking for her sister and bestie. Dialing Thea, she waited for her to attend the call. 

"Traitor, where are you?" Asked Arianna as she handed the purchased bags to her driver. 

"Ice cream shop, second floor," said Thea, muffled as she was eating her ice cream with Rosalina. 

He walked away taking the bags while Arianna made her way towards the elevator. 

A guy with dark black hair sat with an arrogant smirk hanging across his lips as he looked at the girl who was trying to hook up with him by crook or hook. He had a well built body, a sharp jaw with stormy eyes making any girl undergo a complete earthquake under his dominant gaze. He was devilishly handsome in a black crisp shirt with his first button open. The broad shoulder blades of his with his flexing biceps made the chick pant internally. The black ripped jeans with his Gucci shoes he was smoking hot, making the waitress sweat in his presence. She slipped the tissue which has her phone number, to him discreetly though he had company. She knew that the girl sitting opposite to him was someone like her, just a hookup. She knew he would not spare another glance to any of them, as his aura said it all. 

A player!

"Damon Aaron King, I really can't believe that we are on a supposed date," said the air hostess, who had this fake innocent smile on her not so pure face. He could read it from her face that is painted with tons of makeup, that she says the same crap to any rich guys she hooks up with. Not like he cares!  She was trying to lure him into her acting all innocent but her actions says it all. He thought bitchs like her can never sugarcoat themself by innocence, because eventually their coat fades out, and their true nature comes to shore when you bait them. He passed her a sexy smirk that made her flare her tops.

Her extremely low neck shirt, which she purposely undid the top buttons to show piece her cleavage for him. She was a hot chick with perfect hourglass figure, blonde curls, painted long nails with tight dresses that cling onto her like second skin. She was just another girl, who acts that she wants love from him but in reality she just wants him for his looks, money and status. 

He knew the eyes of innocence. Until he met her, he almost forgot how the eyes of someone innocent looked. Well, he could get to see her tomorrow. My brat, he thought to himself.

The chick's hand touched his, squeezing it tight, as she traced her toes onto his clothed leg. He just smirked. This is what they are! Just desperate to get into bed with him before he changes his mind and leaves them hanging. To get expensive dates and gifts they need him.

"Thea, look at them. Male version of Ari, with all MIB clothing," Rosalina giggled pointing at Damon. Before Thea could see, he stood and exited the door with his new chick. She shrugged her shoulders and continued devouring her ice cream.

"Impatient foodies!" Sulked Arianna, as she sat next to her little sister Rosalina.

"Says the one whose hands are filled with 4 scoops of ice cream," replied Thea sarcastically.

"Ha! Very funny. Even if I get for you guys you'll never be able to eat," retorted Arianna, as she took a spoonful of ice cream and let it melt in her mouth.

"Of course, only devils like you can eat a dessert like food. You will spoil Roo into someone like you, thank heavens for my presence in your life," said Thea, smirking, making Arianna roll her eyes.

After their little ice cream session, they took their leave to Arianna's mansion.

10.37 pm 

The winds of London were cold but not for him. When the cold breeze could shiver you, it made him stay emotionless. The coldness hitting his clothed body isn't as cold as his heart as it was a complete blizzard. He stood grabbing the metal railing staring at the dark sky from his room balcony. The dark blanket was vast, and deep just like him but void for anyone to read. No stars in sight. Suddenly he was engulfed in warmth. A blanket was wrapped around him by his best friend Noah.

"You moron, wanna catch a cold on your very first day?" Asked Noah. He just shook his head with a small smile. 

"Where were you all day? We landed here at 10 in the morning and I am seeing your face while it is 10 at night. What were you doing man?" Queried Noah, looking at his best friend. Unexpectedly his eyes landed on his neck that had a few purplish bruises. It would not take any genius to guess it was a hickey. Noah sighed, shaking his head in disbelief when he realised the fact that he hooked up as soon as he landed.

"Who is she this time?" Asked Noah staring ahead.

"The airhostess Mason is dating," he replied calmly, as if nothing mattered.

"Were you seriously banging her all day," asked Noah with a look of bewilderment, as he calculated the hours he disappeared.

"Nah! After her, a cafe chick. I saw her when I went on the hook up date with Linda. She slipped her phone number to me so I just used her. Tomorrow I'll be busy with my college fangirls," said Damon smirking. 

"You better beware STD's," scowled Noah looking at Damon's lethargic behaviour. 

"I am Doctor Noah. I do safe practice," said Damon rolling his eyes. 

"Dinner is ready," saying that Noah took his leave. This was Damon. He was a Doctor who saves lives but a ruthless devil. He is currently practising to be a cardiologist. Isn't it ironic? He is practising about saving hearts albeit being a merciless heart breaker. 

At Arianna's mansion

Arianna, and Rosalina, were playing need for speed. Rosalina was sulking that she could not win her elder sister. They had been playing for hours and Rosalina didn't want to eat until she defeated her sister once. 

Thea, came to see the sisters engrossed playing the xbox. It wasn't surprising her, because she had been practically living with them. 

"Ari, I won't be able to attend tomorrow--- before Thea could complete Aria, yelled,"What?"As dropped her joystick. Her car crashed to the shore and she lost. Rosalina screamed in joy when she achieved her target. Got Arianna down. She ran downstairs singing happily.

Arianna glared at Thea and shot her a look that said," Better this might not be your prank to make her win." 

Thea shook her head and said," No Ari, Theo is back. Gotta meet him. Don't worry marshmallow, I'll join ASAP, after breakfast with my parents," consoled Thea to a pouting Aria.

"Tomorrow is the annual festival. I ain't stepping without you," huffed Arianna folding her arms to her chest. 

"Look girl. I am not leaving you in the apocalypse or planet apes. I will be in front of your eyes before your debate," promised Thea to a sulking Arianna.

 They had been besties since childhood and she happened to be the only girl to ever tackle the most beautiful arrogant brat of their university. Being Arianna's bestie isn't easy. She invites trouble and attracts trouble. Arianna was never attached or never bothered to give a damn about other girls. She never belonged to the crowd of bitches or dramas. She was chaotic but innocent and too alluring for every single guy out in college. 

"Either your brother stays or not, you better be back to my place if you don't want me to ---"

"Easy there tiger. I wouldn't dare that. I would rather live in the jungle than home alone with my brother. He is staying with his friends. My parents knew that we are a package, always together, which obviously aids me with no option to stay there," said Thea chuckling at her best friend who gleamed hearing her. Looking at Arianna in all possessive mood was such a sight and rare as an eclipse. 

Breaking their talk, Rosalina burst open the door and sang, "Kids, dinner is ready. Momma is calling you, especially the brat called Arianna Charlotte Reynolds who faced a ruthless defeat in need for speed… Ta ta taaaa."

"You lil monkey," saying this Arianna grabbed Rosalina and lifted her in her embrace. She flopped her sister on the soft, comfortable mattress and started to tickle.

"You cheater. She tricked me," Arianna said through her laughter.

"Roo's knight in shining armour," said Thea, joining  them as she freed Rosalina, instead they tickled Arianna. The entire mansion reverberated with laughter from the three girls. The innocence was felt in the air around them. The cheerful happy vibe was widespread and never ending. 

Meantime at Damonn's mansion

"Guys tomorrow is the annual fest," said Levi grinning. Fest or party or any get togethers attract guys. Playboys logic!

"And not to forget about the debate," said Noah smirking at Damon who was eating his pizza scrolling through his phone.

"Of course, it's Arianna tomorrow. No negotiation for amusement or fun," said Theodore, smiling munching on his food.

The girl was impressively smart and effortlessly hot. No guy in their university can hold their gaze to themselves when she passes.

Attention seeks Arianna.

This caught Damon's attention as he glanced at his friends who were so eager for the show.

Of course it's Arianna!

"Lets see," saying this Damon stood taking his pizza and headed to his room.

"Being back isn't exhausting to death after all," said Levi, smirking at Damon's retreating figure.

The shagged out figure of Damon strided into the kitchen when it was midnight. He threw the empty pizza box into the kitchen bin. As soon as they mentioned her name, her face that he never wanted to remember flashed. It was her brown doe orbs that got him stuck for a second. He wanted to smack his friend's head for talking about her. If not he would have been lost in his sleep, with him being jet lagged and banging two chicks till weariness.

Noah came to get his water bottle filled. His expression morphed into bemusement when he saw Damon leaning onto the kitchen island lost deep in his thoughts. 

"Ain't sleeping ?" Queried Noah as he went over to fill his bottle. Damon turned around upon hearing him and stared at him startled.

"Yeah…" he replied vaguely.

"You seem lost in thoughts?" Noah dug into the conversation again.

"Just thinking about tomorrow," said Damon.

"Damon Kings thinking about a debate with the girl he hates the most? Unbelievable yet intriguing," teased Noah.

"Did I ever mention about the debate or her?" Snarled Damon.

"Then what's the special occasion?" Noah pushed his buttons. 

"Get to bed you git," Damon rebuked returning to his room. 

"I bet she is something more than she should be for you Damon," Noah thought to himself. He shook his head with a small smile and headed to his room.

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