By seven am, Steve was already at Liam's. 

Liam was also ready. Dressed in a black sweater and dark jeans, he was waiting outside with his bag next to him.

Steve arrived and they bid Liam's mum goodbye then left. The ride to school was cheerful, both having sandwiches Steve made for breakfast and talking about music and food.

"Hiiiiii," Jasmine excitedly said as she spotted them at school. "Great. We're all going."

"Yeah." Replies were mumbled and in unison.

"Come on let's go," she linked arms with both of them. "I heard the bus would be moving in about fifteen minutes. Let's get our name tags now."

They got their name tags, Liam and Steve helping each other put it on. They then headed outside to where the rest of the students were.

"Do you know if Nick would be coming too?" Liam asked Jasmine, looking around him.


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