Love or lust

Love or lust

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*COMPLETED* Story of a cold hearted billionaire and a sassy beautiful boy ."Do whatever you want to do , call me , , ,or whatever ,just remember i just want you .i will always have whatever i have wanted ." -JustinRay grace being a popular the most hot eligible bachelor in town .The cold and hot ceo . He hates bitches who loves to spread their legs just for anyone .will the two attract each other? justin traced his finger on Ray lip,then shoulder .he seducing the man with his doe eyes and sinful that other guys can't resist .His lustful had traveled lower and lower before his hand could even grab Ray's manhood , the other gripped his arm.Eye blazing in anger, he leaned forward bear and whispered in his ears. "don't touch me "with that he pushed him away from him .and walked ahead."if only he looked back, he would've seen how hurt Justin felt after being called by the only man he has ever loved.

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50 Chapters
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First Meeting
Justin handed him the revised schedule for the whole week."I was able to convince our clients to reschedule the meetings. They agreed and told me to phone them whenever you're free. Your schedule for today is already cleared Sir."Justin formally said.Mr. Grey nodded his head in approval. "Good. Thank you." 
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drive going back to the company seems longer than what it ought to be. Justin feels so stuffy from the tension that he can feel from the person sitting in the back seat.The CEO's son is so quiet, making Justin uncomfortable. He thought about turning on the radio for awhile now, but every time he tries to reach for it, he's instantly halted by doubts.What if he doesn't like music? I don't want to be snarled at again.
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Justin slowly placed the fruits on top of the table near the hospital bed. He took the tissues and wrappers on the table, wiping the surface clean.He sighed, slowly making his way to the bin when the door suddenly opened, revealing Mr. Xaver.The man glanced over Justin, smiling a little before heading near the hospital bed. He saw Mr. Xaver sit on the chair at the right side of the bed, arranging the clothes and other things he brought from the
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Second day of having Ray as his boss, and Justin already wants to give up.He feels so tired, physically and emotionally with the CEO's constant nagging.The man is a total perfectionist. He sees even the smallest details, brows already arching up as he nags like an old man.
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Justin went to the cafeteria with his mind still on a hazy state. He looked around, trying to find the only friend he has gotten himself so far.He texted Boby to meet up at the cafeteria, wanting to have someone listen to his frustrations. He also wants to ask Boby if he could help him out with his relocation."Justin!"
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Justin moaned, feeling Ray's hot breath fanning his delicate skin as he peppers kisses all over his neck.He could feel his boss's hand travelling down his waist, aiming for that part of his body that's dying to be touched."Hmmm." Justin bit his lower lip as he felt Ray's hand gripping his crotch, massaging his manhood on top of the thin fabric covering his hard shaft.
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In love
Justin gripped on his pen, noting to himself that he should do his job right and not to be on Ray's bad side. He could feel his toes trembling, his palm sweating at the way the CEO is burning in rage.The brunet silently sits next to Ray, his hand not stopping on jotting down the minutes of the meeting.He's currently inside the conference room where an emergency meeting was called by the CEO.
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Double meaning confession
Justin was feeling shitty the next day as he wasn't able to have a good sleep.He was tossing and turning on his bed, finding it hard to find sleep as he thought of the way his heart beats fast for a certain ravenette.He couldn't let his feelings show for Ray. He needs to control his emotions and prevent them from showing.
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Shattered hope
Justin stood in front of the mirror, the bags under his eyes were too obvious from lack of sleep all night.He looked so fucked up as he stared on his lips, his mind still unable to process everything that happened yesterday.The brunet lifted his hand, letting his fingers touch his lips as images from yesterday started repeating on his mind again.
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